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Monty Patel - Volunteer Coach at Little Rock High School - Get Schooled #17
Episode 567th December 2018 • Hoop Heads • Hoop Heads Podcast Network
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Coach Monty Patel is a volunteer basketball coach at North Little Rock High School in Arkansas. He has worked for 5 head coaches in 5 years and gone from an unknown school in West Arkansas to the top school in the state. Monty is the first person to graduate from high school in his entire family line, the first with a college degree, about to be the first with a Masters Degree. He is the only basketball coach of Indian descent in the state of Arkansas. His parents were first generation immigrants from the country of India and wanted him to become a doctor, lawyer, or business owner, but Monty wanted to coach basketball. He went into coaching because he didn’t want kids to ever feel that their coach didn’t have their back or didn’t want them to be their best.

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