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Episode 115th October 2022 • Fellowship Of The Reel • Philip A. McClimon
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greetings realers my name is Philip and together with my wife Sherry and two of our friends Chris and James we're


Fellowship of the real four people who love talking about movies almost as much as we do watching


them we hope you will join us as we dig deep into cinematic masterpieces and some that are well maybe not


you have an opportunity to be the fifth host of our little show click the link in the show notes and leave us a voice


message telling us what movie you would like us to review you can also reach out on our Facebook


page Fellowship of the real from all of us at Fellowship of the real thanks for listening okay on with the


show are you recording this


studying a movie in the mechanical level I think it can really bring some revelation [Music]


I believe that no one sets up to make a bad movie with the exception of on paper this should work I just don't


like it that's your own fault if you haven't seen it


play over budget start cutting scenes even the actors don't know what that


movie is about should I I wish I wrote that which I wrote the title with that


movie's trash well it told me a man is good for you all right Fellowship of the real


four friends in the movie this was uh Chris's pick Stephen King's The Mist


we will be discussing and I think we all have some feelings about maybe how this movie ends


it ends a bit differently than the book yep for sure I uh is preparation for this and for a future


episode I'm listening to both the books uh the missed book I've listened to it


now I'm reading The Shining for later uh book is completely different most all


the way around uh but did the king say that he was like


he was impressed with how they ended them I think he's okay with it yeah I think he yeah I thought the quote I've


read was I wish I had thought of that yeah so well in the book there's even a line


talking about that about how the movie ends in the book it's considered yeah like if


it goes wrong I can always do this yeah okay it just it has more of an ambiguous


gotcha yeah but but hopeful ending yeah which yeah for for this one I feel like


we should say there give a spoiler alert because


which we always talk about everything in the movie but this one definitely if you


don't want to know what's going to happen and you haven't seen it watch the movie shut this off


and go watch it and then come because there's a lot that has to be discussed yeah uh yep no good good spoiler alert


yeah I still feel and it's it's at the beginning of our thing the audio clip you pulled from Sherry but I still I


guess because we're always reviewing you know old movies I still think your clip is the best like that's your fault if


you haven't seen it yeah it makes me laugh every time I hear it um yeah by now definitely on this one no


I wanted seven so yeah:


mindful of that on this movie in any other movies because I'm going to talk about the end of it yeah we gotta we got


to I think uh now having seen it the first time a while


back and hating it and then watching it this time with a more critical eye


I do still hate it but I I have more respect for the choices that were made I know


no I I just want to say also thank you to Chris you made me break a promise


that I made to myself that I would never ever watch this movie again and I


watched it again so my payback is coming is what you're saying oh let's see this this was one of


those ones I saw it when it first came out and I watched it five or six times


preparing for this one uh my feelings on it have not changed yeah uh it's I'll


just go ahead and say it not my favorite Frank Darabont Stephen King collaboration there's two other ones uh


which are The Green Mile and uh which are to far superior movies yeah to


this one on acting oh yeah story most everything but to be fair uh those other


two weren't Stephen King horror stories this one is yeah so and his horror


stories his Stephen King's endings he normally doesn't stick the landing on all of them no right uh in the book it


ends Ambiguously and the movie does not


right but that's the least part that bothers me quite honestly well we're gonna get into it uh Chris before we


forget wanted to do a shout out yep yeah so I just want to give a shout out to Brad Paris he's uh listen to every


single one of these podcasts so far and um so just keep it up man I appreciate all the the support


um if we get more people that will listen to every single one then we can quit our day job so appreciate it right right I love my job I don't know about


you guys not that I don't like my job but if I could you know stay home and draw a check some other way you know by


doing this and then give me more time to write that would be great yeah start selling feed picks man on only fans just


take pictures of yourself oh yeah no that's true that's true I've told the wife that look we can make some extra money she's like I'm not doing that no


no I'm talking about your feet you know or you're totally or something silly totally not I don't I can't say that I


haven't thought about it yeah listen I've got hobbit feet right there's a section of the internet for that right it's nuts everybody loves something it's


true anyway did you have the money critics fan stuff Chris or uh yeah I've got the money


stuff and then I guess I don't have the critic stuff I apologize that's cool so the budget was 15 million okay it's a




don't know you guys see this in the theater or did you see it I did not later on later but I I saw it in theater I saw it in the


theater yeah really I'm pretty sure at the time I was aware that it was prank


dermine like I was I was a big fan of him like already I think and because of like we talked about the Shawshank


Redemption and Green Mile I will agree with you James that those movies are better but they're they're


different to me those even like take take Freight uh bearable sorry derivant


out you know remove him and just Stephen King's stories rate them as just Stephen King's stories those stories are better


but there's different this is more of a you know I think it's a testament to Stephen King and how


good he is with characters and and just and people like he can you know he can tell a story with creatures and he can


tell one without a creature without creatures and and still you know give you a compelling story yeah he builds


Stephen King builds the best worlds yeah like I didn't start


started reading them to like:


then I remember one day I was entertaining an idea about a uh a horror uh Western you know for of my of my own


and I saw the The Dark Tower series so I started reading that oh and was hooked so I read Dark Tower first and then I


started just devouring everything of his after that and yeah I mean I still haven't I've got stuff on my shelf that I haven't read because he's written so


much oh very yeah he's he's my favorite just he screwed the pooch on The Dark Tower yeah I was gonna ask how far how


far did you get in the dark I read all of them Phil and I have talked about this a little bit um I'm okay with the ending he does not like the ending I


made it to uh I forget is the one that was like The Wizard of Oz where they were on the train going oh


okay that's like the third one third fourth book I made it to there and I just failed I checked out all right but


the first is not my not my favorite the first book was amazing I really like the second one and the third one the train


was okay and then the Wizarding glass which is a lot of his backstory yes the Magnuson seven there's one yeah


well Stephen King I always liked when the he did the miniseries on TV because


it's made for TV so it's not too bad for me for me but it you look forward to the


next you know the next night when they show the next episode and of course my favorite is the stand yeah the originals


yeah the original stand it and one of my favorites that I don't I haven't found it as readily as those is The Langoliers


oh yeah I remember that made for TV one was it was terrible the story is really good yeah it was it was a fun movie yeah


oh yeah as far as the critics and fans uh both fairly common critics


uh 72 percent Tomato Meter and fans 65 which is not terrible uh I think the


ending had a lot to do with maybe somehow there's lower scores or whatever uh anyway


so into the structure of the breakdown the opening image is uh what I have is


and and when you're dealing with Stephen King he draws Upon A lot of times the whole Stephen King world right the opening


image is I guess this guy is a painter uh uh David is a painter maybe of book


covers I guess or I think it's well I think it's supposed to be movies supposed to be like Drew strzen who is


the real guy that does movie posters okay right and he those are his posters in the studio but I think he's supposed to kind of have the same job okay


because one of them is from the dark Towers the cover of the dark yeah it's the main one he's working on yeah


but there's also the thing yeah I thought that was the thing yeah there's


a thing in there and I don't remember what I said but those are again those are all Drew strews and actual posters like he did those


um this guy did Indiana Jones he did like in real life he didn't know Jones he did uh Star Wars Star Wars he did


like a bunch like really big in the 80s they've kind of gotten away from those style posters


that was never used well he mentioned that in the movie after the the storm comes of all they can just whip this up


in Photoshop in an afternoon and that was a dig at that exact yeah yeah


um I actually have one uh met him at Comic-Con and he I have a temple of doom poster that he signed


really cool because yeah they just do all digital [ __ ] now instead of you know this guy


actually by hand and all that yeah you know some artists capture the likeness really well and some don't and I've always felt like his posters captured


you know the actors really well yes yeah there is I think a theme stated I have


uh and I didn't pick up on it right away but as I was


watching this I think it centers around this idea at some point uh David says After the Storm you


know and their house has been damaged and the neighbors uh house has been damaged uh David will say all that


matters is we're is that we're safe and I think this is the dramatic question


or sort of the the theme of the matter of the movie all that matters is we're safe because that is going to come into


play much later and I think leads to and builds the foundation for this for this


ending uh I have translated all that matters is what's is good for me and


mine uh because later there's the scene in the shopping center in the grocery store


where the woman wants somebody to help her go her to her kids they're you know I left them with my daughter she's only


eight one wanna some one of somebody help me a woman because she wants to go and grab groceries very quickly and get


back and had no idea that the Mist would come and trap him in the store won't somebody help a woman get back to her kid I think she then she doesn't use the


word decency too doesn't have the decency yes any of you have the decency to see a lady homework yes uh and uh


David Thomas Jane or whatever right uh will say uh I've got my own kids to


worry about and I think this is what's what's happening here this idea of decency bravery you know or only keeping


others over yourself right only being concerned about yourself yeah even like looks away from me picks up his kid and


turns away from him I got my own kids worry about lady and then turns away he seems a little conflicted about it but not enough to


to change now Stephen King I don't know what his background is but he is very fond of the Old Testament wrath God okay


so I don't know that we ever because in other movies there is this idea right of


like a whole town being punished the the Storm of the Century right or whatever where they all March into the sea we


don't I don't know that we're ever told but I suspect that the people of this


town do have dark secrets that are now being visited upon them in some kind of


judgment and I I think that will as we go through I think we can talk about some of that but I think that is what's


at play here in Stephen King's okay telling of this story yeah there was a


um so you know they they don't I don't know they exactly reveal it but they talk about the experiments the arrowhead


project the military was doing and they opened some sort of portal or whatever and that's where these things came from


um there's a prologue that darabot wrote showing I guess them doing that oh yeah


he never filmed it but um I think it's better I guess without it like I like the way it is but I


thought that was interesting that he had actually took the time to write out because that's not in the book if I remember right so yeah


um anyhow moving through the setup a book cover artist we're safe that's all that matters I missed rolling in getting


supplies when the power goes out the arrowhead project that you were talking about soldiers rolling out in a hurry uh


there are theories cast about aliens crashed ship from from uh yeah because the town doesn't know what they do up


there at the arrowhead project yeah they all have theories about it yeah yeah uh


this goes to town he goes to the he has a beef with his neighbor right there's some history there they suit him once


over uh you know over the tree or something if I remember right right so they end up going to the store together yeah David his son Billy and then the uh


Norton I think is the the neighbor yes uh David is early on very concerned


about the safety of his child Billy you make sure you hold his hand this kind of thing all that matters is we're safe now


uh the Stephen King world uh this is the cat they're reading the Castle Rock Times newspaper so uh again you're going


to draw upon especially like in something like the the Gunslinger where basically you drew in Salem's Lot all


this stuff from Stephen King's world into the story you're getting some of that here you know they did a cool thing on that


on each Dark Tower book like when you go to other books written by Stephen King they're bolded the ones that are


connected to that oh is that right that's cool that up and they they eventually wind up


at the grocery store yeah they leave the the husband and son


go to the store and the mom is left back to do some gardening yeah yeah she stays missed was coming across the lake yep


yes the yeah were you given this foreboding yeah they even like have a brief


discussion about what it is like he's the the dad's the one that's what is that yeah uh missed I mean yeah I'm not


a weather man I don't know yeah yeah I'm not a weather man yeah that's right he says that yeah yeah Thomas Jane's voice


is very unique to me I don't know why I get a I get a kick at it just the way he he talks okay that's interesting


uh the catalyst uh there's a town alarm uh early alert goes off uh a bloody man Dan shows up


something Daniel something in the midst something in the Mist uh yeah he's all bloody he's yelling screaming running John Lee or whatever yeah yeah yeah


something in the Mist took John Lee something in the mistook John Silver so uh yeah yes uh the Mystic stick now the


man flees and pays with his life so now they are on high alert they lock the doors and again Stephen King you get


this crazy profit lady uh declares uh it's the Revelation like in times yes


yes that she is going to be the Miss Carmody yeah the harbinger of what is happening


right so what uh uh Marcy Gay Harden is the actress right yeah she Nails it I


mean she's getting a really good job and and I think initially you're meant


to think that she is crazy and and she is crazy uh I think I think she has a swing from crazy to you know something


else and then back to crazy but it's a cult leader crazy yeah expiation yeah no right right like that


right we'll get into this can I just mention a lot of times when they showed her uh


all I could think of is what we've been going through with covid and just the


different you know people like her coming out


conspiracy theorists and stuff like yeah the people that are not quiet yeah so


while a lot of yeah it reminded me a lot of what we've been going through


I guess the so that's the Catalyst the debate go out or stay right so the lady must get home to her kids will somebody


help me there are no takers uh I have uh uh refreshment when she leaves she


curses them yeah I don't what is the exact line I don't remember if it's all just me all right now


yeah so nobody helps her I think it's important it's not just the main guy nobody helps her right and so I guess we


didn't talk about the genre but obviously that I think this safely is a monster in the house oh I had buddy love


but none yeah it's monster Golden Fleece yeah which means there's a monster a sin in a location and so I don't know that


we're ever explicitly told their sin but I think this is it only thing that matters is that we're safe I got my own


kids to worry about it I got my own kids yeah yeah well nobody helping others yeah right yes yeah no I agree with you


yep and I didn't I've seen that the movie a lot and I didn't notice that this time until or did notice it till


this time so then when you said before when we talked about it you felt like you'd caught the theme I was curious to


see if it was the same because I I don't know even though with the ending and all that it's still I guess just watching


stuff more of the critical eye like that scene held more weight yes ask and walks out they had more weight than it did


previously because I'm sure I was on board with him but we're like well I got my own kids like I was probably even didn't think of it as being kind of


shitty on his part you know I'm here you want to go out there's something took John Lee you know what I mean you know yeah on some on some level


it's justifiable but yeah I think that is chiefly What's Happening Here not


just took John Lee did it take somebody else too like they ran out to go to their car and then you hear him yes you


are correct yeah right because people immediately yeah get in the car I'm gonna get home because the sirens and [ __ ] are going off and yeah and you just


hear you don't see it at this point but yeah you're right you just hear the horrible screen so everybody in the store everybody in the store has


witnessed what happened right but not when the like when the woman leaves to go get her kids there is none of that


she just disappears into the Mist you don't know what happened to her yeah correct this happens a couple times now uh yeah because they even talk about you


know some kind of poison cloud from the mountain you know like they have no idea explosion yeah


yes but this lady is leaving she is not gonna let anything stop her from getting to her kids uh risking her


own life and and it's ambiguous at first what happened because nothing we don't hear me oh yeah we never in the book in


the book it's ambiguous it's left ambiguous in the book uh part of that scene here I think it may have been a


performance by Melissa McBride she's the lady I that came off so cheesy to me the


way that she was doing won't somebody helping the lady home to her kids and little Johnny's at home


that was just so cheesy to me and then I listened to the book and it's word for word exactly what Stephen King I think


it's I think it's trying to to paint what's going on here yeah uh and I think


at some point she asked and then is appealing to you know their nature look you know I'm not just asking for help


you know won't I got my kids yeah they're young yeah so I think she's trying to really


swing them by by saying you know if you don't help me your cowards kind of thing


yeah you still think it's cheesy James yeah okay I do just and again I don't


know if it's her performance or whatever her performance but I've seen her in other stuff and she's well she was uh


she's in The Walking Dead and derebound does The Walking Dead a lot of these people yeah dance from The Walking Dead


as well this is where you found a lot of those people yeah exactly yeah anymore I think he I think actually last


year he was a big Fallout between him and The Walking Dead AMC producers yeah I think he finally like got awarded like


200 million dollars for his yeah well his his company kdb or whatever did they do the special effects for The Walking


Dead uh he's the D and he there is it's we watched a special on it yeah well


there's a YouTube guy who went to kdb or whatever it is uh special effects and


and Dearborn and darabon is in there and I remember how he ended up with someone owing you know they're mowing him so


much more and his company did the special effects for this well the bring


it back a little bit to The Walking Dead Thomas Jane from this was high in consideration for Rick Grimes nice


that's been good yeah so that fell apart however that happened but yeah this movie was before The Walking Dead but it


was setting up all the pieces to do that yeah so anyway yeah she's a great actress I just don't know why it rubs me


the wrong way that little scene yeah uh interesting yeah but it's not the only part in the movie that robes me the


wrong way we'll get to it uh all right yeah so she leaves and then Dan I have Dan's neighbor voting for


staying and uh uh encouraging others to do or for leaving maybe encouraging others to do so discussing the nature of


the Mist and then this crazy Prophet lady talks of sin and disillusion because she starts saying this is for


your sin and dissolution to all the people in the store which started me thinking well this is King's world yeah


there's this is there's some dark [ __ ] in this neighbor you don't even just sin in general you think it's there's I know


I think stuff in this yes I think this town is yeah uh we'll get into that as we go but uh


I think she's initially portrayed as a wacko but this town has made a deal or


or has got deep skeletons that is now being visited upon them and this is how


King does does things this is uh you know his Old Testament God kind of stuff


e wrote it the story come out:


right the Miss so it is younger King versus older King yeah yeah this is in


one of his novellas I forget which one specifically but I think it's in skeleton group I remember right no yeah


yeah anyhow uh they're still debating the nature of the things that in the generator room this is the ordinary mist


this kid uh is taking you know the one that there's a there's a group that wants to do the thing with the generator


but you have to go on the roof and he's all gung-ho until he gets yeah because the backup generator has stopped yeah and yeah they they want to be able to


get it back on for the power and stuff yeah so they're debating Thomas Jane yeah you know again that's another one


that bugs me of they just watched a man run in saying that the mistook somebody


yeah they just watched somebody run out and get taken yeah now they want to open


the door and get on yeah it bugs you but I I like it because I


think that's how people would react it's the mask no mask thing people yes people are going to respond differently ah


there's nothing to worry about I'm not wearing my [ __ ] Master at your point or just denial like that's you know


people you know when they were facing something they can't process they deny it and then even the guy even turns it


uh William Sadler's the actor you know Mr Drayton you're you're big fancy and I don't like you talking down to me like


even turns into this other thing that it's not right right right well and then when all Ali says the thing is this is a


problem they can solve yep yeah they'll solve it yeah I get it yeah but again


it's I'm not with you like I'm not going to be wanting to open the damn thing I'm like hey I just saw all these Johnny Lee


and all these other people disappear I'm I'm on board there's something [ __ ] out there right yeah I don't know if it's Thomas argue facts you know but


whether it's Thomas James care somebody I didn't write down who said it but somebody says we're in deep [ __ ] here I


guess at some point they there's this we're in deep [ __ ] you know the summation or whatever


is that after the kids taken because because they open the door yeah the kid is taking no doubt now what's next kill


the generator we're in deep [ __ ] here it's around this whole generator yeah so the kids they think there's nothing then


the kid gets taken and there's and but all they see is tentacles you're right like that's one of my favorite lunges what the hell are those tentacles even


attached to you right you know it's I like to watch this one with me as well he was knocking the CGI a little bit I'm


like hey it was:


still pretty good can I mention something about the the monsters too yeah because watching it a second time


I actually enjoyed everything up to the ending because I forgot I couldn't you


know I see that monster and then the next time they have a different something that comes in and then


um there's a third I was like I didn't remember it being some different creatures so many different creatures


but then they talked about opening a portal or something I said oh I guess that's


is that what it was all the creatures from that world coming over okay yeah because that kind of threw me off but


yeah yeah late wanted to know you know he's like it was a shame they didn't have like 11 up there from stranger


things yes there at the you know with the where you know yeah the upside project to help out you know yes so


the entire front of the store is plate glass someone says uh and then there's


lots of issues between people anger debates uh well they had this big discussion


about do we tell the rest of the people in the trapped in this market about what happened back there with that kid because that kid's gone he gets killed


right and they have like a section of a tentacle they cut off and so they try to he tries to convince his neighbor who


already you know they're at odds yeah anything that caught me is like he thinks they're playing a joke again these people


denying their facts and [ __ ] they're saying right and they also turn to personal you're talking down to me or on


the on the outsider on the town you're trying to play a joke oh yeah that's what his neighbor says and just those


aspects of people and personalities like that's to me one of the things I really like about the story because I think that's oh yeah I think it's what [ __ ]


people would do you know what I mean I mean again to your point look at how the world responded to covet and mask and no


mask yeah one thing that bugged me about it and I've again didn't think about this time when he's trying to convince


the the neighbor well just come back there and look with me man no I'm [ __ ] you know I think they even like


put his hands on each other and get your [ __ ] hands up [ __ ] his shirt was covered in blood he changes shirts right


yeah David does yes why didn't go grab that damn bloody shirt and show them look look at this yeah instead of trying


to get them to officially go back to a place he just sat on the Shelf somewhere like again saying a thousand times never


thought about it until this time I'm like why didn't you grab your shirt man I don't know that well little thing to help convince like what do you think


this [ __ ] Blood come from that would have helped they are yeah I think at that point he may have thought you know it doesn't matter yeah well they did it


in the movie but not as much in the book as after the kids taken out of the door and they close the door and they come


back that whole group of guys goes directly to the beer cooler and start drinking yeah so when they're like okay


who are we gonna tell who are we going to tell they're getting more and more Sauced up so that kind of adds a little depth to it you and your drunk buddies


are over here trying to make fun of me pulling back here no you're right yeah that's true that's true so it didn't


show it that much in the movie but right that's important though I mean you're gonna want a beer after that shoot oh yeah well the the and so I thought this


was a a a cool moment a funny moment when they come out from the back door uh


the way the guy describes their problem he's trying to


be tentative it appears we may have a problem of some magnitude here


about the tentacle and the guy being killed Ollie that said it there's somebody I think it was like one of the store managers I think he was one of the


employees uh of the other guys yeah okay okay it appears we may have a problem of some magnitude here yeah it come


contrasted with somebody else earlier saying we're in deep [ __ ] yeah I think his name is Bud Brown I don't remember yeah it's not only it's the the other


manager or whatever because yeah because you can tell he and Ollie have like a history like he scoffs when Ollie says


yeah I can shoot you're right you yeah yeah uh now this is where I have to break


into two through the door of the warehouse so that they've had their experience in there and they come out you know a problem of some magnitude


through the doors at around 39 minutes I haven't as the break into two now


you know something is definitely going on and now we have to react to it yep yeah then we had the fun and games of


being trapped in the store and all that stuff yeah uh fun and games prophetess let me help they can't be all bad she


seems crazy but maybe she knows something we don't know about this town she preaches or something that's when I started thinking okay this is Stephen


King's Story uh she seems crazy but based on some of his stories and how he


cast things right maybe this town isn't Snow White like we think they are do you


think you're also looking for because you're you know it's a monster in the house and trying to identify the sin


like why you would maybe go down that track yeah maybe so I mean yeah um so that's the rules where you're


gonna have a sin you gotta have a monster and then a location monster and location are easy what's the what's that she says things like a Stern and


vengeful God who calls for blood the bill is due she says uh so I think she's


getting some indication that yeah this town has run up a deficit and now it's


time to pay kind of thing right which we are not necessarily on board with but told about or whatever yeah uh except


for this idea well I got my own stuff to worry about you know um the retrieval of the shotgun 300 foot


of rope the lawyer and his followers strike out all right so so the lawyer the neighbor wants to leave and he takes


a bunch with him and they leave and we don't now at the end of the movie I tried to think back we don't ever find


out what happens to these they just disappear we don't know if they made it or not made it or not they certainly weren't killed like we saw others as


they walked out the door no and they're not in that they're not in the truck you're in the truck at the end you know


but the big tall guy who puts the Rope around his waist he goes with them right that's not separate he goes with him


he's gonna put the Rope on because he tries to get his neighbor to put the Rope he's good he's going out there to get the shotgun right and they put a


rope around and they pull the Rope back and yeah but he tries to get his neighbor first and you look I'm not trying to argue with you or whatever you


know you want to go out just put this rope on see how far you get and the neighbor says no yeah they get the other guy to do it yes but he goes out I guess


not necessarily with him but the same time right I can't remember I guess to me like I swear at the same time I may


be wrong yeah this probably is but he doesn't make it the guy with the Rope right so I guess always to me I always


figured the rest of them didn't either you know but it's very ambiguous you don't hear screams you don't see blood


sure and it comes back again to the lady that left it's ambiguous


that's resolved but yeah and kind of set up well we see these other people dying


to go out there yeah you go out there you're going to die you know I mean up to this point that's what yes


um but he doesn't and we never so I don't like there's never an answer you get an answer for the lady with her


thank you guys [ __ ] that guy but you know you're right well yeah um but if he didn't die and we and we don't get an


indication that he did that means he is not part of the the sin yeah because he's an outsider so to your point yeah


the town is being punished for sin um yeah maybe he's not part of it if he's an outsider but he's dick he needs


to be punished for something man I like to imagine a lawyer that's horrible death for this guy he's a lawyer to boot


so yeah the blood-sucking lawyer right right uh yeah because I have one of the


lawyer in his lot I don't think we ever find out yeah the Rope thing was was cool it's one of the a lot of the cool


fun and game series space yeah it's gruesome and it's it's gross but it's like as far as storytelling aspects well


okay really really cool you know like like you're waiting for this is not going to go right like you know that's gonna happen that's when they're pulling


it back the Rope back and it starts to get nasty I would have dropped the Rope


I thought about that too he just keeps doing it and then it go up yeah it goes yeah yeah it does that I'm like I


thought it was really cool he's like oh man no he was something really got him you know because yeah the Rope go up and yeah


all right so just half half of his body staying Vigilant keeping watch some kind of large inch large insect thing on the


glass becomes a swarm now that that did freak my [ __ ] out when I when they app you know yeah um because they do they


try to fortify the glass A little bit with dog food and all this stuff prior to the neighboring them going out like because they realized very early on that


this yeah the whole the whole wall is played fast and that's what I was talking about I'm I'm expecting something and I've seen it already once


but I was expecting okay that's the monster it's the octopus looking thing but no here comes the others we're not


like they do that even better because here's this little bug thing to get you you know jump scare and you're thinking well okay those things aren't great


looking and then a pterodactyl type thing comes in and it's eating the bugs we've got a big problem here this is a


deep [ __ ] here but uh yes a problem of some magnitude uh that's right I love


that line right uh Miss Carmody sees this as a fulfillment a larger Creature Feature I'm sure someone logos and [ __ ]


right attracted the lights kills uh Kill the Lights yeah yeah she's seeing this as a a fulfillment uh Sally is stung a


larger creature gets in eats a man uh they had all these Grand plans too of if


something got through the glass because they were they had mops that were going to put on you know yeah they started they do this set up the lights and none


of that worked right and then they try to fight him with like the fire yeah and one guy gets burned horribly but


you don't you don't fight things with fire in a place you can't get out of like this is


why you don't try to kill zombies with fire because then you just have walking zombies that are on fire walking Molotov [ __ ]


well they said they they did that in Game of Thrones so like why don't we do this he goes you have hundreds of people


scared shitless trying to handle fire yeah it still is hardly a problem this just because chaos and says this this


they nearly burned themselves right to look around but but uh unfortunately there's a big talk about


the lights you want these lights on Mr Drayton or you want them off and like can't you seem to decide then the bugs are attracted to the [ __ ] lights yes


yeah uh comedy of errors in a horror movie no this is when the sort of Arc of


Miss comedy starts to turn because this Stinger bug gets in and it lands on her yeah and she prays and she I think she


actually says a word for learn my life for you my life for you now where have


we heard that trash can man from from the stand my life for you you know uh


nice my life for you your will be done and the bug does not bite her nope okay uh at this point


uh so at that point in the story she's Vindicated the bug is because the bug just had stung Sally and killed her okay


and the bug lands on her as you know on her and she prays and the bug


flies away right after him that's why you know ants bite some people they don't bite others right they like the sweet you know Sally was sweet little


[ __ ] sure no but uh no I'm with you like obviously that's a that's a big


scene in a point it means something yeah the bug didn't bite her we're all hoping yeah bite that [ __ ] and then it doesn't


and it doesn't and so and you start thinking oh maybe she's on this yeah this town has got some a darkness and


sure yeah uh at which point I bring I have us to the uh


midpoint and I'm calling it a false Victory because um before the pharmacy but all of this like the the chaos


ensues and then break into the glass and that's your your midpoint is the is the pharmacy after this because they go to


the pharmacy to get uh yeah I I I I guess I have my midpoint


false Victory before the pharmacy okay I was torn I went back and forth part of me said it was after the the pharmacy


because they for that's the first time the main characters venture out yeah the mission's like a failure they you know


they end up coming back more messed up than they sure they were oh yeah and they even like comes back and just falls


asleep like I feel like there's a big transition there like when he wakes up it's bad guys close in because she's gotten more followers and stuff and I


mean again I went back and forth my instinct was where you're at and then I changed it just to well I call it a


false face they have they actually drive the creatures from the store they do you almost burn it down but they do get them


out oh yeah see okay I see I had it as a false uh defeat because they had it


fortified and it didn't go as planned yeah burn but yeah but they do you're right they do drop them out they drive out the creatures from the store and


then I have the the bad guys close in as as the burn victim Joe is in such pain he wants to die he basically is begging


for suicide yeah the old woman Hattie I guess od's yeah and Carmody is gathering


her flock and the sacrifice will probably be demanded yeah yeah because I guess I have it we can talk about everyone get there about it as a false


Victory when they get out of the store down the road yeah something's interesting to me and I think it just kind of speaks to the the times I guess


I'm really it's very obvious really enjoying watching movies with my with my son that he hasn't seen yeah when the


two brothers are uh the ones like uh uh the guys on fire and he's like oh kill me and all stuff and then one guy's


crying I don't guess either late missed it or wasn't obvious that they were brothers so he thought they were gay oh


just their relationship I didn't think they were I didn't I didn't even sense into her brother at the time it's just that you know it's more acceptable than


it you know every year he becomes more acceptable right you know homosexuality yeah yeah that he would have jumped to that conclusion we wouldn't have yeah I


just thought that was interesting yeah yeah yeah yeah Carmody is gathering her flock and she starts talking about pride


in hubris and so I have this our pride and humor is mentioned as possible sins also of this town you know uh uh sounds


of the creatures in the Mist on the way to the pharmacy uh sounds in the pharmacy the spiders have been active


it's uh and then the soldier it's all our fault it's all our fault yeah I have all this as under the bad guys close in


but again we're not necessarily told what these sins are but we're sort of given yeah I feel like the only


admitting of any sins is the the arrowhead project and the soldiers yeah right because the the one guys hang


themselves here in a bit and then and then this guy's saying you know it's all our fault and then he has this horrible


horrible death with oh my God many spiders inside of him yeah those [ __ ] spiders man out of all the creatures on there those those guys are the worst


even the webbing is like you know the burning potassium yeah acid yeah um James is asleep by this point in the


movie and oh I'm yeah well I just think I just think that they're it's never exclusive but I think at this point


comedy is is on the rise as far as yeah being being the one who knows which is


the William sellers character you know at one point he's you know your your tongue must be hung in the middle so I can and waggle at both ends well she's


full of [ __ ] you're right and then here in a bit when they get back from the uh from the farm yeah he's he's part of her culture expiation


he has seen enough you know so uh all his loss to have is a false defeat uh spiders acid web carmody's


still at work preaching and then I think here she starts talking about an expiation sacrifice yeah Dan does not


wanna Dan does not want to leave now but uh he may want to reconsider this as the fervor Rises uh the two remaining David


doesn't want to leave yeah uh did I write down yeah like David doesn't leave because I'll leave always the one that tells him you may want to reconsider


look at what we got going on over here while you were sleeping she got you know right add more to her flock Dan is one


of the other guys you didn't really know incorrect name just just one of the other guys all right yeah yeah sir yeah


David's Tom Shane and then Dan's The Walking Dead I got you questioning the soldier what is really going on the two


remaining soldiers kill themselves and then of course we learn more about the arrowhead project all right uh okay so I


don't know if she she says this comedy what what brought down the wrath of God maybe that's my question other dimensions other worlds all around us a


window to the other side uh the scientists the other world came through to ours Carmody is seeing this as


judgment the soldiers see it as them opening the other door but comedy sees all this as as the Wrath yeah because


they sacrifice the soldier the one that's left right yeah at this point I have this as The Dark Knight of the soul


the soldier sacrificed feed him to the Beast they just throw them outside Beast


feeds well he gets stabbed and then throws yes the butcher guy steps so this


is what I'm talking about King's Old Testament because comedy's right and she has got the truth but she turns into a


you know bloodthirsty Maniac but if this is the Old Testament wrath God you're dealing with then she's still not wrong


right you know she's full of [ __ ] man I hear you


in the king's World though uh this town is paying right you know now this is


where it swung for me on this movie from hating it to hating it with respect okay that's a big


swing it is uh I still hate it uh but I understand the choice and I


think it's the absolute right choice the sun is still in the Dark Knight of Soul the sun says to to David David's son


promise you won't let the monsters get me not ever no matter what I promise I


think that is the ending at that point is is locked in as far as what is


because you're not gonna let the monsters outside get him when he's not gonna let these monsters this crazy ass lady inside start following followers


get him either yeah so if the theme is it only matters if we're safe the question is what will you what to what


extent will you go to keep them safe to keep them safe and will you go as far as


David because David was all in at that point on the theme keeping my family


safe keeping us safe me and mine you know right uh and he would have killed


himself if he had an extra bullet uh I think it's almost judgment on him yeah that there was not a an extra bullet for


him yeah to me everyone talked about the ending like it wouldn't have been the same if he'd had enough bullets they're


all dead yes and then you see the Army roll ups and everything safe no no he had to see the horror because don't let


the monsters get me like he became a [ __ ] monster yes saving this the monsters didn't get his kid but his kid


died and he was kid died because the monster still got him it was this different kind of monster not the monster in the mirror and all that [ __ ] I mean his dad went too far you


know obviously you know um but he was all that matters is we're safe and that's all that mattered and he


went as far as he could to what he thought would ensure that sure uh which


is and it and it turned and yeah so yeah there's even a big the they lose the gun


the gun's on the the hood of the car yeah and they're all in the car and they all they all yell at him because David's


trying to reach out and get back and get it yeah everybody's telling them don't get it don't get it like if he doesn't reach out and get that gun the option's


not even there yeah it's happy ending you know right um at least the ambiguous ending hope


winning we got in the book you know because in the book after they see the big huge creature yeah


um they uh encourage me if I miss anything James but what I remember is they see the big huge creature and so


there's this whole idea of how how far is this thing the whole world has it missile oh yeah they drive to the run


out of gas yeah and that creature is way bigger than anything we've seen and it's still the mess they never get out of the mess and they just keep driving there's


I think a thing on the radio uh about a beacon about where they're they're trying to get there but you don't know


if they ever make it and then yeah so they don't know how far this goes they're just writing his story down in case somebody found it yeah in the book


yeah in the book yeah so you don't know if they ever made it or not but it definitely didn't yeah it had this you


know point that this does about no no we're gonna wrap this up man yeah yeah uh no sequel here that's good that's


right well yeah and they don't have like I said they don't know how far the Miss extends so they think it's the whole world There Is No Escape and if I'm


gonna keep my family safe and oh and it's not just the Army too I guess the important thing on the the the truck or


whatever that drives by with the Army it's the lady from the beginning yes with their kids so if he had helped her


theoretically the idea he would have lived would have lived yes how do you not yes and this is nothing I got my own kid to worry about it the the sin the of


worrying about yours is over well the other other thing if you notice they're


driving say West or yeah they'd be driving West the Army comes from behind them so


they've been running away as the Army was catching up yeah so if had they just stayed in place yeah can they save the


store too you mean like whoever was alive in there yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah uh I hadn't thought about that before you're right yeah yeah it's like


yeah everybody behind you is being saved you keep running until you run out of gas now you killed everybody because


like that makes it even worse yeah so it's a solution to stay in the store and deal with psycho lady right and let's


just keep beating sacrifices until the Army comes like is that the solution because that's [ __ ] like I I don't know


what would would she still demand sacrifices after the soldier I don't know what will and that was it James are


you the one that sent it with that article about the theory behind it about she was right because the last sacrifice


demands is Billy and he's like [ __ ] try it and that's when he gets out of there with this kid but oh this clears


after he kills Billy you know what I mean like he kills one of y'all sent it on the thing but I read it because




she was right the whole time yes what you're saying is because yeah the sacrifice because the Miss clears up now


yeah sure the Army's doing whatever they're doing but the Miss clears up right after you get Billy yeah I didn't think about that but uh just [ __ ] up


but yeah but that well they they kill Miss Carmody yeah one of the guys shoots


Miss comedy Holly does and everybody cheers why didn't they just stay because her whole flock was still after him at


that point like because the one chick did was like she was I was like she was gonna take up I always felt like she was going to take up even though she didn't


have the the history of the knowledge I guess the comedy had she was like really upset that you killed her and like they


were it was like mob mentality I felt like they were they were not safe after they killed her


I don't see this conversation you're talking about really anyway maybe you read it I didn't send it somebody sent


it on the but no worries but yeah it I guess I see that after they killed her it was time


to go yeah they're gonna take their chances with the monsters outside yeah


all right so the break into three they leave it's Dawn they move to leave Gathering the team those following Dan


uh storming the castle trying to get to his car they wound up getting in the Jeep or


whatever uh Hightower surprise Carmody throws a wrench in the plan it's uh it's


not God's plan they must be sacrificed the boy is demanded yeah so they she is


demanding you know I guess David's son yeah they I don't know if they mentioned the movie or maybe in the book or maybe


I just thought inferred it that she knew they were leaving Ollie


had packed groceries under the register they could grab him as they were leaving Harmony was on top of them knew the


whole thing yeah so I don't know if it was like Divine sight or because you know in Stephen King books people got


The Shining people got all kinds of stuff I didn't know if she noticed but either way they she tried to stop him yeah and that's when things went


sideways yeah uh executing the new plan Carmody is killed by Ollie yeah uh they


run to the car uh Ali has taken and so in the process Ali has taken another has taken a third and fourth are lost Dan


and four others make the car and retrieve the gun uh they drive away those in the store watch them go getting


back home Dan finds his wife in the webs the front window broken has let them in uh David at that point is shattered


himself broken down uh somebody says maybe we'll get clear of the Mist you know I I think in the


book uh it shows it in the movie as well but she was gonna hang out and garden the wife was gonna stay at the house and


garden yeah and as he turns around to look at her the Mist was coming across the lake behind her so they find her in


the garden all webbed up in the movie I I don't think she ever knew what hit her honestly that that's what I inferred


but in the yeah I found it Sherry had sent an article about the ending of the the Mist oh and I read that one so all


right maybe I was trying to forget I don't remember who it was but uh July yeah it was a while ago I just just so


everyone knows you know it was quite crazy but not that great right um yeah but in the book on the story of


regards to the wife I don't think he goes back to the right no they don't go back in the book yeah you don't know


what happens to the wife and they they do uh he says basically the tree the storm had knocked over trees across


their driveway and because of the Mist they couldn't see he tells the sun hey we're gonna go back but we can't go down


that way so they don't go to the house but they go by the house okay in the book yeah in the movie he yeah he sees


all his laws right I mean right yeah yeah she's in the garden wrapped up and yeah man it's interesting in the


book he um he sleeps with the with Amanda or whatever in the store like he actually


you know I just cheats on his wife with the the other chick yeah so again more sin right yeah yeah and there were and


they admitted that obviously in the movie which I thought was interesting yeah I don't know if it was implied that that was an ongoing relationship yeah I


don't remember again taking it back to the sin and all that I'm sure every character in that building yeah has some


dark because this is clearly being portrayed as a judgment in a wrath the bill has come due and that's a Stephen


King yeah thing World building is very good yeah he he has these crazy


characters and like like I said he likes the Old Testament wrath guy uh the


biggest bat so maybe we'll get clear of the Mist maybe the biggest bad crosses the road yet is this the new reality


they think it's the whole world yeah uh he remembers his promise don't let the monsters get me no matter what the gas


runs out and they're still in the mess just some well we gave it a good shot the old guy in the back seat I think


says that order they hear the monsters and an impossible Choice uh and so yeah


this is why I said the Thematic question safe at all if safe is all that matters what length will you go to keep your


people safe and unfortunately he goes as far as he can and then you know this is


descending and it's interesting like I don't remember like you hear some monster noises when they're in the car when they're having this you know I


guess this discussion a lot of it's their looks and stuff about you know should we commit suicide basically yeah and then when he gets out because he's


like all right I'm all out of bullets and I love him come on dry fires and all that stuff even though he knows it's empty yeah I thought it was very well


knowing is empty but he just he wants to die so bad so then he gets out and he's


like oh come on come on come on hear the noises those noises are the flamethrowers yeah yeah you know the


from the the [ __ ] Army that's coming to save them so I wonder if they hear those in the car too like they're they're yeah no they were not that there


was any rescue yeah yeah and then the trucks Roll by and the woman with her kids staring down and yeah he'd waited


five [ __ ] minutes you know yeah yeah so but I I understand that ending and I think


it's the appropriate one based on the question that is raised right uh what length will you go to


uh you know to keep your people safe well you know uh and in this impossible


situation right right yeah and I don't I don't know I mean I can't obviously you know I picked this movie


um and I I love this movie I really do um and like y'all talk about y'all don't like it and be honest that's one of the


reasons I picked it is because y'all said y'all didn't like it um because I wanted to not to put you through hell um


but to have I guess I've been a little worried about if we all pick movies that we love and we just go wrong yep yep


it's a great movie yeah it was a great movie yeah maybe it makes for a more interesting podcast if we have disagreements about stuff well my mind


was changed yeah uh I even even though the ending's a shot in the nuts and it's


terrible yeah it's still like I guess I can watch it knowing that's coming um but I can't say that I had analyzed


it the way that you did this time and realized oh that's what they deserve and the sin I I hadn't put all that thought into it well even beyond what what they


deserve and I'm okay with it you know uh but any other ending would have been untrue to the question they asked right


uh and and felt like uh you know a a cushion almost okay well what length


will you go to keep your people safe oh you'll drive out of town well okay well who wouldn't do that sure but would you


put four bullets in people sitting right next to you your kid first your kid first right you know I mean well you


don't want the kid to see all that right and the kid asked him don't let them get me no matter what you know and then Tom


and David mind he's doing his kid a favor by not letting yeah but even the


the Betrayal on the kid's face when he sees dads holding the gun on me like that you know it's I mean it's not you


know didn't have to last long he shoots him but yeah you know I don't know it's yeah to me the uh one of the interesting


aspects is that he he yes in his mind he's holding uh keeping the promise but he's like 100 like so dedicated to that


that he's overlooking the fact that you're becoming a monster only a monster has killed their own [ __ ] kids baby you know yes but at that point that's a


lesser evil and everything else is going on it is so you know McKee and some others will say you know


that in a scene you have choices either two irreconcilable Goods or two or the


lesser of two evils yeah if you give a character a choice between something really good and something really bad well that's I think she was good every


time because she's good every time who wouldn't so two irreconcilable Goods it'll be good for me but bad for you or


I can do something that's good for you and bad for me or I got two [ __ ] choices here let my kid be eaten alive by a


monster after he said please don't let them get me or I should or I shoot them and and that's so I think that is I at


that point I respect the story much more than if they had fudged it with letting


them off or yeah you see I'm saying yeah even though it yes even though it sucks I think that is absolutely the correct


choice you you know uh yeah you're gonna choose the perfect choice ever oh a


million dollars or you have to work in the salt mine oh well you know Jesus you know uh yeah so I think at that


point the writing is spot on and any other ending would have been a cheat I feel yeah so at that point I took on new


respect uh for this movie even though thankfully we've never been put in that situation yes right right yeah well that


was a Frank derebonne thing again the book doesn't end that way it ends open-ended yeah uh and King signed off


that he liked it yeah well I wonder if King because it had to have I know he doesn't outline necessarily


but he had to have had various thoughts about this ending sure and in writing the book yeah and made a choice to do it


this way honestly maybe held back or something yeah maybe he had some sort of you know something like that or something or some you know other [ __ ]


ending your monster gets them all or something I don't know yeah any health back it's interesting I like because and he to me it's not a writer that


typically holds back like if you read pet cemetery which was done after this I believe yeah


um I think it was 84. uh he supposedly he wrote that and then you know looked at him this I got a [ __ ] father of


digging up a dead kid this is [ __ ] terrible as far as just how rough it is and how he put it in the drawers like I


can't publish that right did and that's one of the ones out of the stories that I've read that's [ __ ] with me the most sure is like I remember when I'm reading


it and he goes to the father's gonna dig up this dead kid I'm like you don't want to do that yeah okay let's take this kid


up and see what happened you know what I mean you're on board with him even though it's well it's not gonna go well


I had a cat that we didn't get along with and that cat would jump up on me in the middle of the night while I'm reading this book and yeah damn cat you


know and lath was young so yeah that one I loved pet cemetery I didn't see what the whole big deal was about I just blew


right through sorry but it's right that one messed with me that and the this one I think why I like it one reason I like


it so much is just yeah it just messed with me and to your point put me in that situation what would I do if I was in the store and I would have been like


soon after I went to City Market in Burleson yeah and the whole front yeah it looks almost exactly like glass yeah


and I think that from there I was like holy [ __ ] this could be City Market that's where King King said he got that


idea from being in a supermarket and seeing all the glass in the front buy some milk one day yeah huh yeah yeah


well and and that you know writing gurus will say you don't want to


tell the story about an average day of a character you want to tell the story about the worst day in that character's life or the most important or the most


important or whatever yeah and so in some sense if you're writing a story like this and you say you know nothing


matters except that we're safe and you don't carry that to an extreme end you're not you're not doing your job


you're not going far enough and you're not showing enough courage maybe to really answer your own question in the


way in the most extreme way because if you don't put them in extreme circumstances and they have an easier


out because one of the other tenants is the character will like a human being will always take the path of least


resistance so John McLean and die hard doesn't immediately start blasting he runs up he pulls the fire alarm and he


waits right he's going to do the simplest thing he can to solve the problem and a character in real life


will do that why would I work 10 times harder if I can solve it this way so if you allow the character to solve it that


way you're cheating right uh so yeah it's going to ring true to reality yeah


it's reality and and and so the writer doesn't let John McLean pull the fire alarm and end the movie and this and you


know the writer of the Stephen King or the the screenwriter wouldn't allow David to do this and solve the problem


he you know you can't just kill Miss Carmody in the drive and make it out to your Jeep and then drive away and they


get clear of the Mist that's that's now in the book there's some indication that it was ambiguous right that thing oh


yeah they definitely weren't clear of it though no he was writing it down because he wasn't sure that he was going to make


it right he just wanted the story to be out there in case he couldn't tell it I think ambiguous is the next best option


yeah uh if you're you know unless you're just wanting to see them which if you


just had them eaten I think that's almost a oh okay that's a you know that's anticlimactic almost in my


opinion yeah I wanted them all to get out make it to safety yeah you're right


um yeah the uh the alternative would be for them to have learned the lesson and be given another chance which is an


upending yeah um I sort of have a rule like like if you go to the movies and you watch a movie and you feel worse when you come


out then you went in the writer hasn't done you any favors because how you felt originally yes a writer's job like if I


go to the movies I want to escape for a couple hours and I want to feel better when I came out you don't with this movie yeah but you know you've always


been been big on comeuppance like if somebody does something terrible they you know sure absolutely people John


Wick's dog you better get thousand Bulls right you know and and I think had we known more about the town's sin we might


have felt but I think they held back because they didn't want us to feel like


they got what they deserved they wanted us to be shocked yep you know yeah maybe there's some sin but this is still


pretty you gotta like David yeah if you reveal these got this dark secret and he's an [ __ ] or whatever or pedophile or whatever the stupid thing is then


yeah also now you don't care for him and you want him to get eaten by a monster right it doesn't work yeah now we can like David


because we you know we live next door to our neighbors but we don't know anything about him any dark [ __ ] that they got in


their basement right I mean you know but we see them on a daily basis and what they always say about serial killers and


mass murderers he was a quiet guy I always said hi you know okay well so we may like David but there something was


going on with this town that comedy knew and that King is trying to say monster in the house and they and this is wrath


and judgment you know you don't think it's just caring about yours more than over the price of other people you know


but I think that story about it I think that is part of it yeah that that that this town if that's how they operate


then they've done some things yeah okay to only take care of themselves when they could have just me and mine first


this is not yeah this is not the first time that he would have said no to a lady wanting help with her or or the


town or whatever uh well obviously yeah I guess that kind of goes back to the first beef with the


the neighbor there was bad blood all through there yeah and I guess kind of looking through that maybe he was the


local this guy's The Outsider we're gonna push him around because he's an outsider and yeah maybe they didn't


welcome him in maybe there's something what was the real beef between these two I'm not sure we find out but I think


that because Carmody is Vindicated with the way the monsters treat her and this


kind of thing uh at that point and I think yeah because the creatures don't ever get her you know the other guys do


yes they kill her yeah now does she get a little crazy with the sacrifice yeah but in this world


with this with this type of judgment and this type of God that she's dealing with if that's the God of this world


which is you know still a horrific world so Harmony was right yes sacrifice the


boy [ __ ] that [ __ ] I mean I guess everything's good uh now in in our world


is is that something we'd want to do no but in this story world this Horror Story world that is you know


because she is Vindicated when she prays and that monster doesn't get her I'm like okay this is the world that has


been created and these are the rules of that world it's in bathe or something man and that buck could smell it and sure sure uh yeah no you're right was


there lotion yeah yeah right she had on off deep right signature smell man yeah


so initial I guess past consider recommend initially I would have passed on this because of the ending and how


and the gut punch that it is but if you look at it closely and if you have any sense of the writing at all and


what is required in a good story when you set things up a certain way then I think it should almost be held up as an


example of uh of good writing in the sense of honest real hard consequences


and not pulling back uh because the tendency is to pull back and not and I think maybe King had that sense to pull


back from the Real Horror and the real choice that has to be made or showing the real Choice based on the horrific


World you've set up and I think they so I think they made the right choice in that sense and and I would I would


recommend it as a study of writing and I would recommend it as a as a as a truly horrific movie you know yeah


so it's a recommend for me which is a change from how I initially thought so a


study like you know we say in the beginning you know a study at the mechanical level can bring some Revelations this time it really really


did right uh for me you know I I would give it a consider uh again restating it


not my favorite one of the Stephen King Frank darabot bring togethers a movie story thing uh


uh yeah just still not my favorite it is and it's an acid bath I mean I get everything that everything that you've


said really clarifies a lot of things I I watched it the right way I just don't


like it don't like it no I I don't like it yeah it's I've I watched it and I


gave it a solid six five or six watches this past one and I tried to like it


every single time and look for something that I liked you know just I'm no no it's just not not doing it for me yeah


but consider yeah I would rather watch Shawshank or Green Mile sure those if


you want if you want the gut Punch Yeah there's a those are different gut


punches but sure great movies yeah I mean like I said before uh Shawshank and Green Mile or or better movies but


they're different and I guess you know like we talked about like we wanted to pick a horror movie so I guess to me like comparing to those two wasn't you


know an option yeah and I guess yeah I like this movie there's a lot of things I like about it yeah and it's weird


because to me because I can fire it up knowing the horrible gut punch that's coming and I guess I'm I'm okay with it


not that I like the ending obviously it's it's it sucks but I don't know why but yeah just I


guess it just like it's all recommended to anyone who won for not a lot of movies have the


balls to have that kind of ending right yeah I mean most a lot of stuff is you know an upending and yeah I just think


it's a good horror movie with the jump scares and the creatures and just I think it's one of those movies that makes you think about you know I think


when you you watch this movie and go to the supermarket you're probably gonna think about it you know you said well God's going back in the water you know I


think well talking about as you're talking I thought of Jaws okay so Jaws monster has the sin of greed and money


over the Labor Day weekend over right the safety of the people but but they do


that and there is a scene where the mayor and uh who represents the town and represents that greed has a real


repentance right yeah like he so so there is Redemption for that town and


Redemption from their sin but in King's World there is no Redemption you're gonna pay yeah uh so I think this could


have had an upending had the sin been dealt with like they did in jaws with the mayor with his hat in his hand


coming to Brody you know right now he's got he is totally on board with the


wrong that he did and has repented from it there is none of that and we don't ever get that beat in this movie uh


because I don't think they ever come to that conclusion or or want to or whatever and so their sin remains un


unrequited and so they get what they get and this is King in his world you know


yeah Okay this may surprise y'all yeah okay um I remember wanting to watch this when


we watched it the first time because anything with fog missed whatever is so


scary to me like I enjoy the movie The Fog okay you have the unknown because you


can't see what's out there yes but I don't like driving in the fog or being in a fog because it's scary I mean so


that is a good scary movie if you want to watch a good if you want


to be scared okay yes watch it I would recommend turning it off when


they run out of gas that's where I would end it now and I don't recommend it to


anyone who is going through any issues or has you know any depression


going on because I'm telling you right now that ending is really messed up it's terrible I listened to a podcast called


real life ghost stories and she will do a horror movie review at the beginning


and of course she doesn't go in as much detail but this lady was sobbing I mean she was sobbing on the phone asking some


friend of hers why did they end it that way and it is it is a very hard ending but if you you know want to see


something scary I I mean I enjoyed the beginning of it so consider order I


would consider it yeah that's how much it feels I just likes the movie up to the the end you know the end of it is so


disturbing because I thought okay I'm watching a second time I know what's coming I know I can handle it but so


help me when it gets to it it is so hard to watch well there's a Beyond hard to watch if I remember correctly there's a


in one of the later Dark Tower books uh just before all the main characters and


again a spoiler alert in the Dark Tower series they all get killed right and it and it becomes the Gunslinger going up


to Tower by himself uh just before so there's a


scene before that where all the friends all all the band In The Dark Tower uh are sort of around a campfire and


they're they're all together and they're they're alive and healthy and happy and Stephen King has an editorial note like


like he breaks the wall I think yep and he says okay dear reader stop here stop here if you want this if you know


because and so and so because and then knocking his commentary or the notes in


the back or something he he says that you know the the readers are going to scream at me and blah blah blah you know so he actually says stop here yeah uh


and and I wish I had yeah so I I couldn't stop when I read


that no of course I didn't need it we gotta keep going you're right yeah but there's even there's even like uh because there's other worlds and stuff


there's even one of the versions where some of the characters are together and they're happy yeah two that fall in love and there's different things but to me


and you know I've talked about this before but like it's not it's not the [ __ ] ending to me um the dark Towers


because it's the the reveals the whole things against mother alert he's done this a bunch of times yeah it's a loop yeah and to me like it ends on Hope


because this time he's gonna get it right if he's done it a thousand times he's going to get it right this time which to your point about tell the the


story about the the most important day yeah remember that's exactly what you said before when I made that point well he's gonna get it right the next time


and he said [ __ ] that tell me the story when he gets it yeah then that should be the story yeah okay let me know he's


done this 100 like in in you can let me know he did 100 times but this still be the right one yeah the Matrix right then


you find out the news done this a bunch of times right but yeah uh yep yeah yeah anyway I don't know uh as opposed to


ending and he never you know the last time he tries it you know but I don't know I do want to read him again I haven't so I'm curious to see well that


that's gonna read them again how I feel and that's the out for the Dark Tower movie with McConaughey right because I I wanted them to tell the story that I


read in the books I wanted to see the visualization of that and it's a different story I mean it's it's it's different than the books it's not like


the book yeah so I was disappointed but then they say well this this happened so many times this is just a telling of one


of those times and it's not like the book because it's a different time that he did it and that's they're


out and I understand that but but you you tell me Dark Tower I'm thinking the books you know not not some other time


that isn't one of the books yeah okay it happened a thousand times so but I only have this one time and now you're one


time Stephen King was writing The Dark Tower and he farted that was better than that [ __ ] movie that gave us yeah that was terrible and that's why that's not a


franchise that should have been a franchise the drawing of the three and all most of the colors all that should have been filmed yeah I should have a


box I have a box set of Harry Potter I don't want that I want the box set of freaking Dark Tower you know with all


those you know well done what's interesting that you still want that and want to see that even though the the book the way it ended or whatever yeah


well yeah I'd want anyway yeah any movie that makes you feel worse when you come


out I think is is a disservice although the choice was the right one you know but anyway which I think happens a lot


of horror movies too right um you feel I guess worse coming out right a lot of if anything more than


like horror movies probably have more of the [ __ ] endings than than other yeah you know not very many rom-coms are


gonna you're gonna come out feeling that way even action movies it's going to be the guy you know the heroes yeah and in


horror movies typically you're not the characters you're not meant to


align with or fall in love with right you know yeah right so you don't care their body pieces or whatever yeah okay


you know and you're there for the Thrills and the laughs and the jump scares uh but if you yeah if you make me


care about I don't know and but but in this movie I think the right choice was made even though I I


don't like these kind of endings you know yeah anyway oh my God no him screaming at the end that's what I think


I think Jane sold that I think he I think that was like I was I I could feel


his his total he his mind is splintered he will never he eventually is going to


kill himself yeah uh at some point there's no I don't know how you recover from that just run over to the army guys


grab the flame yeah you know run in front of the flamethrowers unless he just becomes so


you know out of it that he can't even have the capability of thought to kill himself or he's the half


man in the mystery sure yes the Mist too yeah yeah this time he goes to the West Coast


explosions yeah all right all right good deal yeah


any thoughts uh yeah I still don't I don't feel any different about this


movie no it's well like I said the moral of the story to me is wait five minutes before you do anything you know drastic


yeah five minutes because I was so angry at the end I was screaming five minutes


yeah but they they had no conception of that I understand I understand yeah


anyway good pick Chris sounds like it yeah well I know it was a revelation as


far as the rain all right all right we're out we're out people scared shitless trying to handle fire yeah


because I'm gonna talk about the end of it my feelings on it have not changed


something in the Mist something in the Mist expiation


I still think it's cheesy James yeah that's not the only part in the movie that robes me right away we'll get to it


it bugs you but I I like it we're in deep [ __ ] here I actually enjoyed everything up to the


ending oh yeah


it appears we may have a problem of some magnitude here like I said the moral of the story to me


is wait five minutes before you do anything you know drastic