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The Beauty of Surprise with Rhona Polonsky
Episode 92nd May 2022 • Artsville • Crewest Studio + Sand Hill Artists Collective
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Today’s guest lived and worked in many exotic parts of the world before finding her way to Artsville, where she is currently very happily residing and exhibiting her work. Whether in India, Indonesia, or Ghana, Rhona Polonsky has always sought out beauty and surprise, and therefore she has always been surrounded by inspiration for her art. Rhona describes herself as a maker and a teacher, rather than an artist, and in today’s episode, she shares what her journey as a creative has looked like, including the moment she discovered her love for clay, her experience with sgraffito, her tendency to steer towards simplicity, and some of the challenges and failures that she has gracefully dealt with along the way.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Appreciation for today’s guest, Rhona Polonsky, who is currently exhibiting at Artsville.
  • Mentors who have helped Rhonda on her journey as an entrepreneurial artist. 
  • An overview of Rhona’s professional background.
  • Rhona’s first introduction to clay, and what she immediately loved about the medium.
  • The many places around the world where Rhona has lived.
  • Where Rhona started doing pottery.
  • Sgraffito; what this type of art is, and Rhona’s experience with it.
  • How the places Rhona has lived have inspired her art.
  • Surprise; how Rhona incorporates this element into her work. 
  • Rhona’s journey from complex to simple. 
  • How Rhona approaches rejection and imperfection.
  • An explanation of the Batik method. 
  • What motivated Rhona to begin selling her artworks, and the challenges that she faces with pricing her pieces.
  • Why Rhona refers to herself as a maker rather than an artist.
  • How Rhona feels about living in Artsville and exhibiting her work at the Marquee.
  • Some of the many different types of clay. 

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