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Ep. 79: Trying to have control over my love life actually ruined it
Episode 7915th April 2024 • Aligned Attraction • Lee Noto
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Contrary to all the love advice out there that says it’ll help you “gain control over your love life…”

That’s not what most women actually want. 

Sure our ego wants to have “control…” 

But what we actually want is to feel SAFE…

Most of us try to engineer safety by controlling people and things outside of us…

But that almost never works, it’s not sustainable, and it’s not what actually causes us to feel truly, deeply safe. 

Only we can create that experience inside of ourselves…

And in this episode, I share with you what it takes to create it, so that you can do what you actually wanna do in dating and love…


Let go…


Be yourself…

And not have to figure everything out on your own! 

Attracting a partner who takes the lead and prioritizes your safety (or inspiring that quality in your current partner) all starts with you creating that inside yourself first! 

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