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Looking Forward Our Way - Carol Ventresca and Brett Johnson EPISODE 5, 19th October 2020
Navigating Through Crisis, Pt 2
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Navigating Through Crisis, Pt 2

We are glad to have Orelle Jackson, President of Limitless Growth Strategies, returning as our guest on the podcast. This is episode 2 of 2 on Navigating Through Crisis. Episode 1 was published just a few weeks ago, and can be found here.

Orelle has over twenty years of executive leadership experience and is recognized for developing and optimizing strategies, delivering high-value solutions and building strong relationships. 

In her current role, she is guiding individuals and organizations to successfully maneuver through changes and transitions with the goal to help unleash potential, just like the acorn growing into a mighty oak tree. 

We are very excited to welcome Orelle and complete our discussion on unleashing our potential!

Orelle in our previous episode, we reviewed the first 6 principals in positively moving through a crisis. 

  • Everything Worthwhile Is Uphill
  • There is Always an Answer
  • Allow Adversity to Help You Discover Who You Are
  • Develop A Positive Life-Stance
  • Feed Your Faith and Starve Your Fears
  • Realize that Motions Influence Emotions

The various stages of crisis transition, continued.

Today Matters

This pandemic has been an extreme situation, and many are “lost”. How can we stay on track?

Reflect Instead of React to Adversity

Over the past few months we have had so much time on our hands. We often hear, “how would we describe our actions during this time – did we reach our goals, or did we waste our time”? What do you suggest we do next in our journey to move through adversity?

Adversity makes You Relatable to Others

This pandemic started as an “enemy” that we were all fighting together. Now it seems to have exacerbated many of the underlying issues affecting our world…fairness, equality, respect. What can we learn from this time?

Always Look for the Big Picture

One lesson we have all learned at some time is to realize the world is much bigger than just our own self and our immediate sphere. However, when we look at a bigger picture it can be frightening. What value is this “big picture” view?

Adversity Makes a Person Grow Strong (Mature)

We have moved through ten of the steps and have honed the ability to meet adversity. What has happened to us in the process? Can we continue to success through challenges and continue our personal journey?

Thanks to Orelle for her assistance in guiding us through this process and supporting you, our listeners, in your quest for personal growth. 

You can find out more by visiting Orelle's website, or find out more about her on her LinkedIn page.

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