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[SAMA Talks] Episode 169: Spooky2 9th Anniversary Special Interview - Faster, More Powerful, and Precise
Episode 1695th April 2022 • SAMA Talks • Spooky2
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We were delighted to have John in this week’s episode to showcase the release of our new product: Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro.

GX Pro is a truly remarkable Rife-style generator, capable of delivering frequencies with incredible speed and accuracy. The new Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro is the next generation of GeneratorX. The internal computers have been upgraded to the latest and fastest leading-edge versions available, resulting in improved overall responsiveness, accuracy, and repeatability in all areas of operation. Click to take your first glimpse at this magical Spooky2 generator:


00:01:28, All the wonderful features of GX.

00:04:21, An introduction to Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro.

00:08:01, What makes the new GeneratorX “Pro”?

00:13:12, Anniversary Special Offer for GeneratorX Pro.

00:13:53, The specifications of GeneratorX Pro

00:14:35, Happy 9th Birthday, Spooky2!

00:17:35, Celebrating Spooky2’s 9th Birthday, you can check the details on this page:

00:29:52, Your favorite Coffee Time is coming up soon. You can register it via this link:

00:31:07, Q&A session.

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