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Techno IS Black, and Blackness is Revolutionary - with Black Techno Matters
Episode 610th May 2022 • Mission Megaphone • Growth Network Podcasts
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We’ve handed the megaphone to Bernard Farley, creator of Black Techno Matters, an event and virtual community celebrating Blackness specifically in techno music. Most people are not aware that techno music has Black origins. This also means Black techno artists rarely get to see themselves represented in the genre. Bernard Farley is changing that.

You'll learn;

  • the origins of techno music and Black artists' contribution to it
  • why Blackness is revolutionary
  • how you can support Black artists in this genre and music generally

Music in this episode was composed by B_X_R_N_X_R_D

To learn more visit and follow @blacktechnomatters on Instagram.

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