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Formula Indie - European Indie Music Network 22nd September 2020
FORMULA INDIE 22.09.2020
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FORMULA INDIE 22.09.2020

LILITH – Revealed

Jim Lord – Helplessly I Fell

Stephen Wrench – Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll

Greye – Lucky

Allocai – Feelings

Steve Markoff, Patricia Lazzara – Liama

Kevin Hockaday – Big Mouth Small Brain 

Donna Zed – Morphine

Thermal And A Quarter – Leaders of Men

Alex Alan ft. Juan Guti - Deranged

Craymo – December Rain

Darrell Kelley – Ahmaud

AV Super Sunshine – Smile

Franco Nocchi – I sogni di una sorella

Luanne Hunt – We Rise

Max Montanari feat. PerikoloGeneriko – Fino in fondo

Mike P. Fitzpatrick feat. Priscilla Bailey – Everything i need

My Luv Notes – You Don’t Own Me


Sekou Andrews & The String Theory - The Music Movement

Tali Leda – Standstill

The Deers Cry – Rise with the Dawn

Vineet – I’m ok

Ivan Comar, Gabriele Saro – Valentine

Father Mykenzie "Dissay" 

Maria Grosso -Mi vieni a cercare

Gary Burk III - Like That 

Richard Lynch - Starting Now 

Savannah - We Are Us 

Destiny Malibu – Peace 2020