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Chapter 180. I have peculiarly small ear-holes.
Episode 18016th October 2023 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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As is his want, Ant normally takes the weeks (as yet) unreleased edit out for a walk on a Friday morning. We call it the QC listen, and in most cases it's less about minor tweaks for flow and more about removing great chunks of offensive stuff I probably should have thought about before uttering.

Anyway whilst listening to 180, Ant had a bit of a moment, an epiphany if you like. TCD (sorry, Lucy) has been inadvertently channeling mystery thrillers.


Well it turns out that on a regular basis we mention the snippet of a story, often in a bit of Patreon bonus content, and then many weeks down the line we return with more detail to join-up-the-dots like Miss Marple, with a foul mouth (but excellent roots..,)

Take this week for example. You now have a lot more detail about band management, publishing deals and my contravention of local village bylaws, and yet we have definitely rabbited on about all of these in the past. Think of it as early-onset dementia cunningly disguised as slow-burn storytelling.



ps Oh, and if I sound a bit metallic on the second half, that's down to me forgetting to put my machine in record and having to use the Zoom audio. Doh!

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