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Meet a Shining Example of a Great Restaurant Systems Implementer
Episode 8910th January 2024 • The Restaurant Prosperity Formula • David Scott Peters
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When it comes to following restaurant systems every day, restaurant owners are notorious for falling down on the job. They are just too busy in other areas and they lose sight of the daily routine things that are required to keep systems working properly. Besides, the job of a restaurant owner isn’t to be buried in the day to day; it’s to be strategic and to think bigger than daily tasks. If it’s not the restaurant owner, then who should it be? Restaurant owners must appoint someone who gets stuff done, who loves the restaurant and wants to support the owner. I call this person an implementer. In fact, to be part of my restaurant coaching program, you must have an implementer. In the program your implementer learns with you but implements and does the work. In this episode of my podcast, The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, I introduce you to Brandon Anderson, the implementer for the Original Black's Barbecue in New Braunfels, Texas, a high volume, 93-year-old, family-owned-and-operated barbecue business. With 12-plus years of restaurant experience working his way up from line employee, shift lead, and assistant manager to general manager, Anderson has experienced a lot in his restaurant life. He’s worked for several corporate restaurants until ultimately landing at Original Black’s Barbecue. The ownership team knew Anderson was the exact right person to be the implementer, and they were right. Listen to this episode to learn more about the impact of systems, the job of an implementer, and Anderson’s implementation journey, the challenges faced and lessons learned, and also what a great implementer looks like.

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