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Moments with Moni - Monika Hardy EPISODE 101, 19th February 2021
#101 Samson in Uganda Part 2
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#101 Samson in Uganda Part 2

I shared about The East African Gospel Music Academy a few weeks ago, and today I have the rest of the story to share with you.

Samson Forchrist Bukenya has asked for prayer for several things:

  1. That God would provide for the younger children that they are now trying to help at the Academy. such as food, provisons and more.
  2. For the people in Uganda that are in crisis due to unemployment and lack of income. That they would turn from the world and toward Jesus as they help teach them musical skills and to love the Lord with all their heart that they may serve Him.
  3. That the skills they teach the people will help them, such as with computers, sewing machines, fishing, soap making, poetry.

There is more in the podcast so as you listen in, please keep them in your prayers. We shall see what God will do.

I will be posting videos of the children at the Academy as they learn to worship at the Blog, Moments with Moni

Theme Song: "Brand New" by Brad & Moni Hardy