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The Achieve Podcast - Christian Baker EPISODE 50, 25th January 2021
How To Achieve Your Goals - Take Action Every Day To Achieve Your Goals
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How To Achieve Your Goals - Take Action Every Day To Achieve Your Goals

In the previous two episodes, I've shared with you the importance of getting clear on what it is that you actually want, and then actually taking the time to focus on that every single day, in whatever way works for you.

Just deliberately take time to think to picture, to imagine, to focus on what it is that you actually want, the things you would like to enjoy, achieve, and accomplish in your life.

Now, if you do those two things, you're helping yourself tremendously, but thinking about what you want, alone isn't enough, you then need to start to take action towards making it happen.

So, in summary to help yourself make your goals happen, first you need to get clear, choose, decide what it is that you want. (Don't get caught up in the trap of getting stuck thinking about what you don't want all the time).

Then take time to reflect and focus on it every day and keep it fresh in your mind.

But once you've done that, then you have to take action towards making it happen.

Remember thinking alone is not enough.

So, what habits, what routines can you create and put into practice every day, towards making it happen?

Set your goals and then make a plan of action to Achieve Your Goals.

Decide what you need to do to help move you closer towards achieving your goals.

Don't get overwhelmed with the bigger picture of everything that you need to do to make it happen, instead break it down into small steps and ask yourself better questions.

Ask yourself and focus on;

What's the one thing I can do today?

What's the next best thing I can do?

What is going to move me forward towards achieving the goals and the life that I want?

I've shared before the idea of every single month creating a 28-day challenge. A way of helping you every month to, to reset and decide what's most important to you. What is going to help you the most to move forward in making progress towards Achieving your goals.

Inside of my membership club, the Personal Best Membership Club, we have a Focus 30 every month, where members in the club set themselves their main focus for the next 30 days.

We look at the bigger picture of what we want to achieve, but then we say, well, okay, so now what do you want to do?

What can you do in the next 30 days?

What can you put into practice every day for the next 30 days, that will help move you closer to achieving what you want to achieve?

Then day-by-day the compounding effects of that daily action, it's going to help get you closer to it.

You've got a choice. You can either leave the time and your actions to chance and just hope that it happens, that life doesn't get in the way, and you don't get distracted by other events and other things in life.

Or you can set an intention, create a plan and choose what you are going to do every single day to make it happen for you!

It doesn't matter how big or small the action is, but that consistent action is what is going to help you break it down towards making it happen.

Whatever you set yourself, create some sort of habit tracker to tick it off every day, to monitor and record your progress. When your see and know your making progress this really helps build forward momentum.

Whether you make a note in your phone or on paper, whatever you need to do, just create a plan and then execute it and do something every single day towards making your goals happen.

This going to help you to achieve the life and the goals that you want.

So that's your action for today...

1 - Get Clear and decide what you want to achieve.

2 - Focus on it every day.

3 - Make a plan and take action every day towards making it happen.

You do these 3 easy steps right?

Remember what your mind believes you will achieve. So, think differently. Believe in yourself, take action, and you can achieve the life that you want.

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Let me know what you are going to do to help you make your goals happen.

All the best