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How Do Physical Pain and Injuries Intersect with Mental Health for Moms with Expecting and Empowered
Episode 551st July 2021 • The Modern Mommy Doc Podcast • Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP
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We’re keeping it real AND getting back to the basics in this episode!

We all know that mental health is important, and it’s fantastic that there is so much awareness around it, but it’s crucial that we also remember our physical health is just as important.

Krystle Howald is co-founder of Expecting and Empowered, whose mission is to empower ALL women to feel confident in keeping their baby safe during pregnancy and heal their body properly after birth.

Listen in as we dive into something so many of us don’t give much thought to: our own body mechanics in the postpartum period through the toddler and elementary school years. What does that mean? How we carry our kids, how we breastfeed, how we stand, and even how we pick them up can leave us moms with challenges when it comes to how our body feels - and challenges with our mental health as a result.

Krystle will give us tips to keep our body mechanics in shape from birth, including how to carry your kids in the most physically beneficial way for your body, how to balance your core, and how to conserve your energy (including some hacks to make laundry easier!) She also gives advice on what to do if you’re already having mechanical problems, and shares the most common mechanical areas that moms can improve on.

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