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Seeking Sustainability LIVE Japan - jjwalsh / InboundAmbassador EPISODE 66, 27th July 2020
Sustainability is Good Business Strategy | Trista Bridges
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Sustainability is Good Business Strategy | Trista Bridges

Trista Bridges is Co-founder of Read the Air Consultancy and 'Leading Sustainability' co-author which is launched by Routledge publishers this week.

Trista Bridges understands good business strategy and is creating a positive and proactive influence on business in Japan. Trista is a co-founder of consultancy, ReadTheAir. She also co-authored a new book to be released soon called "Leading Sustainability".

In this talk, Trista introduces some key principles, case studies of success and examples of sustainable business success in Japan and across the world.

Website: https://www.readtheair.jp/

Book: https://www.readtheair.jp/leading-sustainably-from-routledge

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