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How to start a podcast for your pet business with Ant McGinley
Episode 7812th August 2021 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Do you love listening to podcasts and dream of starting one of your own?

Podcasting has grown massively, particularly since lockdown, and there are currently over 2 million podcasts available to tune in to.

That’s a massive jump from just 500,000 in 2018, according to research by Podcast Insights. 

Another study by Statista found 16 million people in the UK were podcast listeners.

Having a podcast is an ideal way to give people an insight into who you are, and share your ethos, values and expert knowledge.

And starting one honestly isn’t that difficult. 

This week on the podcast we have Ant McGinley, the King of Podcasting, explaining all you need to know if you’re thinking of launching one yourself.

Ant mentored me to launch this podcast, and introduced me to the podcasting world at his awesome event Pods Up North and I am so so excited to have him on the show.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

0.30: Introduction to what to expect from this episode

2.05: Background to how Ant has supported me in creating the podcast

3.36: Ant’s background and how he got into podcasting.

6.54: How anyone can have their own show and how there isn’t a barrier to entry now.

7.29: Why should you start a podcast in the first place?

10.39: What the podcasting community is like and how podcasters support one another.

13.02: How having a podcast can help you grow your business.

19.04: Why podcasts make people feel like they know you. 

22.54: Ant shares advice for new podcasters Ali and Sarah on things to focus on in their upcoming shows.

29.44: The basic kit you need to get started with your podcast.

36.43: How simple it is to record a podcast on a phone with the Rode reporter app. 

38.50: How podcast hosting platforms work.

44.47: How Facebook has plans to be a podcast provider in the not too distant future.

46.22: Finding the right style for your podcast - should you do a solo, interview or a mix?

51.20: How one of Ant’s colleagues managed to get a message from Russell Crowe thanks to their podcast.

56.31: Using your podcast to approach experts and people you would love to learn from.

57.24: Why having a podcast can help you rise above the many people who claim to be an expert on the internet as people can listen to you demonstrating your expertise.

60.39: How having a podcast means you can give as much time as you want to sharing stories, knowledge and interviews rather than being cut off on the radio!

1.02.13: Essential elements of a podcast.

1.06.13: What is success for a podcast?

1.10.26: Where to find out more about Ant.

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Find out more about Ant's new mentoring community at

Follow Ant on social media @antmcginley and his event, Pods Up North @podsupnorth

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