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What it takes to quit pornography
Episode 14329th May 2022 • The Self Mastery Podcast: Overcome Pornography • Zach Spafford
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  1. Willingness to think differently about the problem

Episode 89 - Emotional Debtor and Episode 100 - Pornography is not THE problem 

  1. An understanding of what is happening and why
  2. Can’t run away, can’t push it out of your mind
  3. You have to face it
  4. Ask questions
  5. Be willing to confront what it is objectively and curiously

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  1. A specific set of skills
  2. Let me ask you who you would rather learn from, a Harvard professor with 30 years of experience learning about business who has never made payroll, never hired or fired anyone, and never had to actually make a profit. 
  3. Or a person who has for 30 years, honed his craft, made profit, learned from his mistakes, and made himself millions of dollars, employed thousands of people, and profited himself, his company, and his stakeholders. 
  4. Inside my membership and in individual coaching you’ll find the skills that I teach are different than anything anyone else has ever offered you. 

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