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12th March 2024 • Make Business Personal • Kiley Peters
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Make Business Personal is a podcast for entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and leaders who believe that people matter most. For those who believe we need to make business personal to really live the lives we desire for ourselves and our families. 

Most importantly, for those who believe we need to invest in people as whole human beings including both the individuals we work with and lead as well as ourselves, the leaders of those organizations.

Each episode is designed to leave you with tangible business takeaways you can immediately put into action to elevate your life and your work.

I’m your host, Kiley Peters, serial entrepreneur, executive coach, and small business advisor. I’m the founder of RAYNE IX, an executive leadership consultancy that helps women build life-changing businesses by making business personal. 

I’m on a mission to change the way we define success in life and business.

Because success, like business, is deeply personal. Let’s do this!

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