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Get More "Thank Yous" Part 5 of Improve Your Relationship Communication
Episode 3213th October 2023 • Habits for Your Happily Ever After • Rebecca Mullen
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“It doesn’t count if I have to ask for appreciation.” This is a common complaint in my coaching practice.

You want your spouse to notice you cleaned the bathroom and say thank you.

You go to the gym partly because you want to look good for your spouse, but then they just complain that you’re late getting home.

You feel invisible when you do all that work of booking the flight, the VRBO, and arranging for a cool TourByLocal event. All you heard was a complaint about how early you had to leave for the airport.

This week’s habit for your happily ever after is:

·     Ask cleanly for your spouse to thank you more often.

·     Or look for the thank yous you’re not offering to your spouse.

We’ll discuss ideas for where to look for a unique thank you.

This week’s date night discussion is:

“How was the word, ‘Thank you’ used in your home growing up?”

Some families practice saying thank you all the time, while in other households “Thank you” is something you’re made to say for the itchy sweater that Aunt Ellen gave you and you don’t even want to wear that thing!

Your history with thank you will inform your marriage today.


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