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Ep. 105: Lucinda Cross – Rebuild, Restore, and Reinvent Yourself
Episode 10523rd August 2017 • Chasing Dreams with Aimee J. • Aimee J.
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Lucinda Cross is a best-selling author, internationally-renowned speaker, master coach, platform strategist, TEDx speaker, and founder of the Activate Movement. She’s been featured on the Today Show, in the NY Times, Essence magazine, and many more media outlets. I heard about Lucinda when she was a guest on Episode 47 of the Trailblazers podcast with my friend Stephen Hart. I wanted her on the show after that episode, but when I looked her up and learned her story, I KNEW I had to do anything and everything to make it happen Thankfully, Lucinda said yes after my first ask and she’s here today!

TWEET: “I had to go even harder after my #dreams because society had already cancelled me out.” #LucindaCross

Defy the Odds

What do you do when circumstances DON’T go your way? Are you tempted to give up and quit? Lucinda shares how a bad choice in college led to her incarceration and how she had to serve her time—for almost five years! Even though prison took a chunk of her journey, she didn’t let it stop her. She came back stronger than ever and more determined than ever to go even harder after her dreams.

TWEET: “I tried to speed up success and it didn’t go my way.” #LucindaCross

The Fab Five +1

Do you enjoy the journey in chasing YOUR dreams? Lucinda learned from her mom the value of a vision board, and it’s a technique she still uses today. Her “fab five + 1” are faith, family, friends, finances, fitness, and fun—these are represented on her vision board at all times. Her motto is “No one will outwork me on my own dream!”

TWEET: “It’s not what you see, but who you’re becoming.” #LucindaCross

The “WE nation”

Do you look to lift others up and give support when they need it? This attitude is a big part of Lucinda’s message. She calls it “promoting a WE nation in a ME world.” There is power when we support each other and build a team. People are drawn to the bigger vision. You are never attractive when you are out for yourself!

TWEET: “People are drawn to the bigger vision.” #LucindaCross

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take—“Create a vision board. It will have your dreams chasing you!”


  • [1:07] Lucinda’s interesting background
  • [2:30] Keeping a positive mindset
  • [4:12] How vision boards helped Lucinda
  • [8:04] Turning things around and creating a WE nation
  • [10:27] The Comic-Con attitude of gratitude
  • [12:07] The Activate Movement and Conference (coming in September!)
  • [14:14] Putting together the Activate Movement
  • [16:02] Tired of being the best-kept secret
  • [18:51] Small steps to the main stage
  • [22:32] Silencing the critics and redefining success
  • [26:00] A new perspective
  • [28:14] When you don’t know how
  • [29:50] Your secret sauce
  • [33:00] What to expect next from Lucinda
  • [35:07] ONE action for a dream chaser to take



Creating a WE Nation (Tedx SingSing) : Rebuild, Restore, Reinvent -


TWEET: “I was tired of being the best-kept secret. I needed my own #platform.” #LucindaCross

TWEET: “I had to unlearn what #failure looked like.” #LucindaCross

TWEET: “You can fall down, but you can get right back up and be your best self.” #LucindaCross

TWEET: “We don’t choose our #dreams; our dreams choose us.” #LucindaCross