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The Restaurant Prosperity Formula - David Scott Peters EPISODE 5, 7th October 2020
Restaurant Accounting Tips to Build Cash Flow and Security
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Restaurant Accounting Tips to Build Cash Flow and Security

In this episode of The Restaurant Prosperity Formula podcast, host David Scott Peters interviews Anne Gannon, CPA. After working in a big-five accounting firm in Boston, Anne was motivated to create a more efficient system for monthly accounting and tax services, so she opened her company, The Largo Group. She charges her clients a monthly fee and works one on one with them throughout the year to keep their monthly accounting up to date while keeping their accounting costs lower. In this episode, David and Anne talk about what numbers to know and pay attention to, especially during the pandemic, cash flow budgets and their benefits, why you have to take care of yourself as the owner and what to look for in an accounting firm as a restaurant owner. Listen to this episode for some great perspective on why, no matter how hard it might seem right now, it could be well worth it to keep your business afloat.

Free Consultation with Anne: www.thelargogroup.com/dsp

Free Restaurant Evaluation: https://dsp.coach/free-eval

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