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13 | Long COVID & the Autistic Community
Episode 138th June 2023 • Princess and the Pea Podcast • Annie Crowe
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Welcome back! Season 2 is here!!! 🥳

Episode 13

We kick off with a huge episode where Annie talks to Autistic Physician Dr Mel Houser (she/they) about how long COVID is impacting the Autistic community and why understanding Autistic physiology is key to neuroaccessible and inclusive healthcare.

Sponsor by Yellow Ladybugs

This episode is proudly sponsored by Yellow Ladybugs with the support of the Victorian Government.

Time Stamps

01:19 Intro

03:14 Celebrating Yellow Ladybugs (show sponsor)

04:11 Annie's comments on neuroaccessible conferences


06:44 GIVEAWAY!!!

09:07 Start of Annie and Mel's chat about:
- Autistic Health
- Long COVID
- Mast Cells
- Chronic Illness
- Pacing
- Trauma
- Burnout
- Anxiety
- Privilege
- Neuronormativity
- and more!

62:52 Annie's Wrap Up

Guest: Dr Mel Houser

Follow Dr Mel Houser's incredible work and ABB community at All Brains Belong.

Instagram: @allbrainsbelongvt

Facebook: @allbrainsbelongvt

Here is the guide on pacing Dr Mel talks about on the show.

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