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#153 | Cultural Counterfeits, Pt. 2 | Jen Oshman
3rd March 2023 • Apollos Watered • Travis Michael Fleming
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Jen Oshman is back for this second part of our conversation as we continue to discuss her book, Cultural Counterfeits! Jen pulls back the curtain on some of the cultural counterfeits that have ensnared so many. They discuss personhood, the goodness of the body, sex, singleness, marriage, pregnancy, and a whole host of other issues!

Jen helps uncover some of the counterfeits of our contemporary culture and then provides a way forward of true hope and joy. Jen acts as a guide on the journey of faith, showing what is good and exposing the counterfeit idols of our age that attempt to seduce and distract us from a pure devotion to Christ. It's an encouraging and insightful discussion into the counterfeit idols of our age.

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