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Production in lockdown
Episode 417th April 2020 • The Total Experience Podcast • Tribal London
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It's been said that after a nuclear war, all that will be left are cockroaches and a production team making a film about them. How ever-resilient production is adapting to the lockdown.

In this episode:

Producers Flo Clive and Paris Palmer talk about how to keep making great work despite the lockdown.

How hard has production been hit?

  • The agency view
  • The freelancer view

What are the lockdown regulations for producers?

  • Government regulations
  • Agency policy
  • Safety first

What type of work is getting done?

  • Adaptations and reworking
  • Home studios
  • Post production's defining moment
  • Pro bono

The future is documentary style shooting

  • UGC
  • Self shooting
  • Remote directing

The importance of continuing to invest in marketing through a crisis

  • Helping clients get back on the horse
  • The need for contingency and understanding

Good work that's getting made

  • Tesco Food Love Stories
  • Ohio Department Of Health PSA
  • Lucozade and Anthony Joshua
  • Joe Wicks' PE Lesson feat. George Ezra

How brands should react to the crisis

  • Deeds not words
  • Can-do attitude
  • Power of the people
  • Quality vs quantity
  • Don't be silent
  • Do good things