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Calming the Cat Chaos
Episode 720th September 2020 • Calming the Chaos • Tracy Kenela
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Episode Title: “Calming the Cat Chaos”

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Intro: In this episode, Tracy describes how to calm the chaos with our pets, with the focus being on cats. We will then meet each of Tracy’s three cats, and learn about how she cares and plays with her cats in fun and healthy ways to calm their chaos. She will also present a skill for pet owners to use, with an example about how she calmed her own chaos when her senior cat was recently hospitalized.

I. Calm the Cat Chaos with Play

  1. Playing on the ground with mice and tails
  2. Playing on the catio and going on a “Cat Walk”
  3. Playing with stringy toys up on
  4. Lazy play
  5. Senior cat play
  6. Food motivated plan (“Treat Hockey”)

II. The “Four A’s” approach to calming the cat chaos…and for all pet owners!

Aware: Notice any changes in your pet by continuously observing their behaviors

Awake: Be alert and ready to take action if any changes do occur

Alive: This is the goal: Do what it takes to keep your pet alive when they are sick, and consider quality of life issues as well.

Alight: Life ebbs and flows…the good times and the tough times. And, the tough times do resolve, like darkness resolves into light. 


For Information on Jackson Galaxy, Pet Behaviorist for his holistic solutions, toys and supplies for animals

A link to one of Jackson Galaxy’s “My Cat From Hell” episodes (“My Cat Hates my Boyfriend”)

For information on The Rainbow Bridge, a hopeful poem about animals when they pass away:

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