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10 Kingdom Principles Every Man of God Must Honor
Episode 1001st July 2023 • Raising The Standard • Josh Khachadourian
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Join us for Episode 100 of the 'Raising The Standard' podcast as I delve into the 10 Kingdom Principles that every Kingdom Driven Man must apply. Over the years I have discovered these principles, and today I'm sharing this wisdom with you.

Navigating the terrain of your purpose can be challenging. There will be victories, obstacles, hills, and valleys. These 10 Kingdom principles will serve as your compass, guiding you along your journey as you seek to fulfill your mission.

In this power-packed episode, I'm equipping you with 10 key rules - Not only will you hear these rules, but you will learn how to embed them in your heart and bring them into your life. We're not just talking - we're doing, creating men who live out their faith with unprecedented confidence and conviction.

Each principle contains an invitation to go deeper. For each principle shared I am referencing past episodes where explored themes underpin the principle at hand. So carry these principles in your rucksack, your heart, your soul. Use them as your cheat code to success, to become the man that God is sculpting you to be.

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