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How To Repurpose Your Content To Connect With Your Audience
Episode 830th November 2017 • The Content 10x Podcast • Amy Woods
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When it comes to creating and repurposing content we need to consider our audience and how they prefer to receive their information. For example, some people will like to read it, others may like to listen. On the podcast this week I explore seven different styles of learning and discuss effective ways to repurpose your content to target as many of those as possible.

You will hear:

  • Why learning styles are relevant for content creation
  • What the 7 different learning styles are
  • How content repurposing can help when considering different learning styles and how to tackle them
  • Why it is important to try and cater for as many learning styles as possible

For more information on making your repurposed material matter more to different people click here.



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