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5 | Psychologists Can Be Autistic Too
Episode 513th May 2023 • Princess and the Pea Podcast • Annie Crowe
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Celebrating Autistic Pride. Everyday!

Yesterday was Autistic Pride Day. A perfect weekend to post this neurodiversity-affirming episode, where I talk to fellow neurokin and autistic clinical psychologist, Dr Joey (aka @nd_psych on TikTok)!

We talk about how she came to find out about her own neurodivergence after over a decade of psychology studies and professional experience. We also discuss therapy and the importance of feeling safe to unmask. 

I loved this convo and how it had a true mix of professional and lived experience - the way it should be!

Dr Joey is a perfect example of why we need more lived experience in clinical settings and leading the research on our community.

Enjoy! x

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