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Exploring Curiosity and Showing Love Through Cooking with Jamison Smallwood
Episode 14712th December 2021 • The Walkshow • Walker Neer
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This week we are exploring the walk of life with my good friend Jamison Smallwood.  Jamison host’s both the Culture and Conversations podcast and the Group Chat live show, but joins us today to talk about his new YouTube cooking channel called “Jamison Presents: This Is How I Cook" where he shares his lifelong passion and hard earned cooking wisdom with the world.  Jamison and I talk about the deep roots and significance that cooking has played in his life starting with his family and how it helped carve out part of his identity as a young man.  Jamison also talks about the creativity and expression that can be enjoyed and discovered via cooking and why he wants to teach people to create their own memorable meals.  Jamison’s passion and love for cooking is beautiful to listen to and learn about.  

Music by Misha Zarins.

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