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How People Buy From Podcasts...(NOT what you think)
Episode 190 β€’ 3rd August 2021 β€’ How to Get Your First 100K Podcast Listeners: For Online Business Owners β€’ Luis Diaz
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Have you ever heard someone say they closed a $500K deal with just one podcast interview and wondered if you can do the same thing? Yes, there are ways to monetize your podcast, but it's not that easy. If it is, then everyone would just scramble to produce their own podcast. For many podcasters out there, podcasting is something they do on the side and not their main income-providing venture. Today, we're going to dive into how people buy from podcasts, and what you have to realize if you're looking for options to podcast monetization.

In this episode: 

[1:25] Just because you have a podcast means you're going to make a lot of money

[2:12] What is the real goal of having a podcast and what else should you have in place?

[2:47] Discover the biggest mistake that people make when launching a podcast

[4:01] So when can you expect people to buy from you?

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