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Jade Statt from StreetVet on their mission to help homeless pet owners
Episode 1Bonus Episode20th November 2020 • Your pet business content your way • Rachel Spencer
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Jade from StreetVet is the first guest in my new Change Maker series, set up to shine a light on people doing extraordinary things to help animals.

Jade co-founded StreetVet along with another vet, Sam Joseph in 2016.

StreetVet is a charity delivering free care for the homeless and their pets on the streets of London and cities across the UK.

It started with two vets and a backpack back in 2016, and is now run by an army of over 650 vets and nurses in 16 locations.

In this podcast, I talk to Jade about the challenges faced by homeless people and their pets and how StreetVet helps.

These are the key timings in this episode:

1:55 How it all started

3:55 The challenges for homeless pet owners

4:59 Helping the homeless community

6:29 How it's changed

7:42 Going from two vets to an army of 650 volunteers

14:21 What does a StreetVet do on a typical outreach

19:33 Why do homeless people have pets?

23:30 The sacrifices homeless people make for their pets

29:19 Tips on media coverage for charities and social enterprises

35:43 Purina Better with Pets prize – StreetVet Accredited Hostels

41:25 How homeless pet owners would live in an ideal world

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