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How To Create Breakthroughs Fast, Even If Everyone Is Stressed And Busy [Episode 002]
Episode 222nd June 2020 • Soultuitive Leaders With Clare Josa • Clare Josa
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Discover my personal 7-stage secret for leading through change. In today's episode, we'll look at how you can take a team from struggling and coping, to going beyond 'surviving' into 'thriving', to achieve what felt previously impossible, without stressing and freaking everyone out. 

And I'll be spilling the beans on exactly how I used this 7-stage process to take the Lockdown Leadership Conference from 'crazy idea' to having 400 business leaders join us for a full day, with 19 people co-creating the event on the day, in just three weeks, so you can see the kinds of results this process can create for you.

Shownotes, including the Imposter Syndrome Iceberg model:

What You'll Learn About How To Create Breakthroughs:

  • The secret reason why people resist going all-in on goals
  • The motivational layers that increase engagement - and how to easily inspire people at this deeper level
  • The 7Cs of successful projects and how to apply two of these to your work (more of them later in the week!)
  • The vital difference between a vision and goal and why we're getting this back-to-front
  • The major mistake companies are making that leaves them leading from fear, without meaning to
  • Why leading from your heart, not just your head, is the key to inspiring teams and a practical way to apply the 7Cs to allow you to do this




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