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Can you get your pet business in the press for free?
Episode 12216th June 2022 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Can you get your pet business in the press for free?

Yes you absolutely can.

Would you love to see your pet business in your favourite magazine, your local newspaper, or to be invited to talk on the radio or even the telly?

So you can reach more of the pet parents who need what you offer, make an impact and more sales too?

Learn how to Get Your Pet Business in the Press in this free five day challenge that has seen hundreds of pet businesses land awesome media coverage.

Getting in the press isn’t just for big brands and TV dog trainers, you can do it too with simple steps to follow each day of the challenge.

You’ll walk away with a plan you can follow over and over again each time you want to contact a journalist about a story about your pet business.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

2.23 - Four reasons why getting in the press can help you.

5.55 - What are your options if you want to get in the press?

7.32 - Having accountability with pitching to the press and how the support in the group can help you.

8.48 - How the challenge works.

10.24 - Free resources you can use if you’ve missed the June challenge - my Press Release Template and Five Steps to Get In the Press ebook.

13.57 - What kind of results can you expect from joining.

16.35 - Why I help people get in the press for free.

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