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Adulting with Ebonie - Ebonie Allard EPISODE 77, 23rd May 2019
The One About Making A Playful Shift
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The One About Making A Playful Shift

Meet Lisa Orkin

Lisa is the host of Project Woo Woo where she has super real conversations with imaginary people. Lisa has been a comedy writer/actress in LA for over 30 years, has a company that creates comedy audio commercials and ghostwrites ads for big podcasters.

You can find out more about Lisa over on her website www.projectwoowoo.com and on Instagram @lisaorkingram

Fav quotes from this episode:

“Adulting means that you’re supposed to have your shit together, which obviously, none of us really ever do.”

“I pretend for a living”

“You shift your state and your attitude just by pretending you’re something else”

“The more you play, the more fun it is, and the easier it is to adult” 

“Connection is the deal.”

“I am enough and I have enough, but I also have room for more.”

“I just want to keep going until I fall over!”

In this episode we talk about:

  • Embracing living for the present moment rather than saving all the fun for a retirement that might never come
  • Learning to be ok with needing support (even when you find it hard to receive)
  • The essential role that connection and community play in leading fulfilled lives
  • The delicate balance between being thankful for what you have and also calling in more
  • How “being good enough” is entirely dependent on your mindset
  • How to make everything more fun


Plus, we talk about...getting rid of limiting beliefs around needing to have a “proper job” to be an adult.