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Catiosaurus: ADHD, Drepression, Chronic Pain Super Sex Educator
Episode 2011th November 2022 • Neurodiversity Superpowers of Autism, ADHD, OCD, Dyslexia, and other unique brains • Michael Whitehouse
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Cate Osborn (aka Catieosaurus- she/they) is a certified sex educator and full-time content creator known for her frank conversations about living life with ADHD and depression/chronic pain. After earning two Masters degrees in Shakespeare from Mary Baldwin University, she worked as the Entertainment Director at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. 

After transitioning to full-time content creation during the pandemic, she gained almost two million followers in just under a year. Her work focuses funny, honest conversations about ADHD advocacy, disability awareness and advocacy in sex and sex education. Her area of interest is primarily focused on the neurodivergent relationships, especially in the kink community. 

Outside of her work as an educator, she is also an avid gamer and player of Dungeons and Dragons.  As a professional streamer and TTRPG influencer, she is passionate about opening conversations about neurodiversity and accessibility into the gaming community. 

Her advocacy and education work has been seen in Cosmopolitan Magazine, The New York Times, Time Magazine for Kids, Haaretz, GQ, VICE, Medium, Mashable, Bustle, InStyle, and more. She's been seen on the Today Show, the American Sex Podcast with Sunny Megatron, The Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin, Prodigy, The Doctors (CBS), Carte Blanche South Africa, and a host of others. Her most recent convention appearances include DragonCon, ECCC, Pax Unplugged, MomoCon, GenCon (and several more) this year, where she hosted panels on inclusivity, accessibility and neurodivergence at the gaming table as well as doing live show podcast recordings. 

Her life's goal is to talk about ADHD with Elmo on Sesame Street and to have a single line in a Star Wars movie.

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