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#14 Opportunities available for women's sports today
Episode 145th April 2022 • Sports CDP Crash Course - Data Talks • Data Talks
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There are many fantastic opportunities available for women's sports today so listen to today's episode to discover a few that you should be taking advantage of today.

Excerpt: "Women’s organizations are notoriously understaffed, underutilized, and underfunded. The marketing push and funding that they get is no different either. So of course whatever marketing solutions they choose to invest in should maximize their budgeting spend by helping them:

  1. Build for long term sustainable growth
  2. Increase ticket and merchandise sales
  3. Fill the stadium at every given opportunity
  4. Negotiate better sponsorship and partnership deals
  5. Grow a following and increase fan engagement
  6. Turn supporters into advocates"

Women in sports: beyond the hashtag - a Data Talks initiative which aims to help improve the visibility of women in sports.

Are you a woman in sports?

Or do you know a woman in sports?

Then consider taking part in our initiative or sharing this initiative with a wonderful woman in sports that you may know.



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