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Chapter 185. Geriatric at the Genius Bar
Episode 18520th November 2023 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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It is fair to say that Ant took one look at me this week and took pity.

I must have looked a little more world-weary than normal because, in an instant, he abandoned any hope of a meaningful conversation about Friends from the Orchestra (for that had been the intention).

Instead he let me ramble a bit, and as is often the case, as we dropped the needle into an alternative groove we discovered a whole other melody to explore - the artist as an older man.

So for #185 we talk about my voice, how I have become a creature of habit when I am on the road, and what it is like when I go on an adventure in search of a tech upgrade.

We will of course get back to the album chat, but it will be a bit further down the road because we have a special guest joining us for #186. Smashing!

Love'n'flapping cockerels


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