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The Economics of CyberSecurity with Lisa Washburn, Senior Director at Secureworks
Episode 187th April 2022 • Tomorrow's Tech Today • Sally Eaves
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In today’s high-intensity cyberwars, you need more than just security technology and operational best practices. You need to master the economics of cybersecurity! In this special we explore just how to strike that right balance between maximizing your security effectiveness while avoiding overspend in the name of protection.

And to do exactly this I am joined by Lisa Washburn, Senior Director of Product Management at Secureworks, to share how organizations can best protect themselves from looming threats of ransomware and cyber breaches while also maximizing their existing security and IT investments. With cybercrime constantly evolving, how can your organization best respond to these threats? Join us to discover more!

Supporting this further, the TTT team would also love to highlight the #SCWXCyberLit Cybersecurity Literacy Challenge created by Secureworks and where Sally our podcast host is one of the judges. This is a fantastic initiative to help promote cybersecurity as a profession and change the narrative on what a security career 'looks like' - so vital to increase diversity and inclusion in this critical sector.

See to join!

And we would love your thoughts on the episode too - thanks for listening!

Sally, Lisa and the #TTT Team

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