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AI in Healthcare Human Factors: Ready or Not, Here it Comes, Can We Hide? (ft. Kate Preston and Barry Kirby)
Episode 931st May 2024 • Safe and Effective • Human Factors Cast
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Join us in our latest episode of Safe and Effective, where we welcome our new friend Kate Preston and our Human Factors Cast family member Barry Kirby to have a chat with us about AI in Healthcare and Medical Device and Development and HumanFactors and its current and future challenges, as well as the implications for such.

AI in medical device development and healthcare human factors is more and more becoming an area we not just need to explore further and more comprehensively, but also investigate more diligently for its impact on patient and user safety and data privacy, as its most critical input involves vast amounts of confidential patient and user data. After all, AI is (currently) simply an accumulation, synthesis, and analysis of current data.

We explore AI's current applications in healthcare, including its human factors challenges, highlighting its advantages and drawbacks, as well as its implications for future AI usage and development. We walk through some of the most critical aspects of the current landscape of AI in healthcare and how future AI developments could be envisioned. And we get into the complexities of how humans in the healthcare professions are not to be replaced by AI, but instead how AI could potentially support their day to day tasks and workflows by aiding in tasks impossible for humans, such as on-the-spot processing of extremely large data sets.

Peeling back the layers of data privacy and patient safety, as well as people's comfort with the use of AI, we end our discussion with breaking down crucial considerations to be taken when implementing AI into healthcare and its professions, as well as the development and the use of the medical devices and technologies used within, including its overall system and structures.

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