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The Woke Elevator
Episode 728th December 2023 • Non Human Biologics: An X-Files Podcast • Jeremy Greer, Chris Mosher
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Welcome back, hunks. We're here to talk about The X-Files S01E07 - Ghost in the Machine, in which a rogue AI takes possession of an entire building and doesn't accomplish a lot besides making the elevator hella woke. Weird!

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Our theme "File After File" was produced by bansheebeat, and sung by Heather Milette. Lyrics by Chris, Jeremy, Autumn, and Judi. A video for the song can be seen here, and was created by Jeremy with a ton of help from Judi, Autumn, and Chris.

Podcast artwork from Rideth_Mochi, whose portfolio is beautiful. They can also be followed on Twitter.

Incidental music in the podcast by the great Jake Lionheart, who you should hire to score your next DND podcast, or any podcast really.




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