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Jordan Hill - The Charity of Land
25th September 2020 • Property, Australia's Favourite Obsession • Jeremy Calnan
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This is Jordy Hill's story, the story of OneHeart, a charitable organisation in Kenya and Uganda that uses LAND as the foundation piece to provide help and support to underprivileged children while engaging with the local community to re-educate and provide opportunities through their commercial enterprises.

OneHeart is all about the creation of continuous sustainable social and community improvement by improving and educating the community.

And it’s all underpinned by their ownership of LAND.

Land underpins their ability to run their orphanages and schools. It enables them to not only run their Skills Training Centre but further, it’s the owning and controlling of land that has enabled OneHeart to create community opportunities and commercial activities for the benefit of locals, the community, the orphans and ensure the sustainability funding of their support model

On their land they build orphanages and schools that educate the children under their care as well as local fee paying students.

On their land they have created a Skills Training Centre that provides free and low cost education in health, finance, life skills as well as new farming techniques to parents in the surrounding villages. This helps better equip them to earn an income and to provide and care for their children.

They operate farms, bakeries and other commercial activities all aimed at providing education, employment and opportunities to the local community while stimulating the local economy.

LAND is core to the charity OneHeart, in fact Jordy goes as far as to say that without the ownership of land OneHeart could NOT deliver the services they do.

It’s a unique charitable approach and a fascinating story that I do encourage you all to consider supporting.

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