Conquering Imposter Syndrome: Struggles of Female Entrepreneurs: Part 2/12
Episode 20222nd December 2023 • Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader • Kelly Baader
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#202: Have you ever achieved remarkable success, received praise and gratitude, and yet felt the nagging doubt that you need to do more to prove yourself? What if the pursuit of excellence, despite its merits, becomes a relentless pursuit that pushes you to the brink of exhaustion?

Hello everyone! I'm Sarah, and after working behind the scenes for about four years, my mother and I believe it's time for the next generation to step up and share their voice as well. Today, we're continuing our 12 Days of Inner Clarity podcast series by diving into a deeply personal topic — silencing the inner imposter. Navigating both the complexities of university life and working alongside my mother, I've faced challenges that I'm sure many of you have experienced as well — feeling too young to lead, questioning my worth despite achievements, and the perpetual pursuit of excellence that borders on exhaustion.

This series is going to be a bit different, more vulnerable, and unstructured than our past episodes. Think of it as a chat between sisters over coffee, where our primary goal is to help fellow Christ-centered women start and grow their businesses successfully. We believe that before chasing trends, you need inner clarity and a solid foundation to stay focused in this noisy world. To achieve this, we'll address some topics that many avoid—unpopular yet crucial topics linked to how we show up and build our businesses.

So come join us and if you resonate with any of this, please help us spread the word. Share with your friends, business buddies, and fellow sisters. Let them know that God sees their struggles, and we're here to help. :)

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Remember, YOU Matter! See you in the next episode.