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Ep. 169 Put Yourself First To Thrive
13th September 2021 • Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo • Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo
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It’s not selfish to prioritise self time, self care, good health and wellbeing. It’s actually very selfless.

If you want to be a great parent, business leader or community member, or If you just want to enjoy life more and improve the quality of your life, you must put yourself first.

Putting yourself first doesn’t mean neglecting business or work, or neglecting family or friends or needing to spend huge amounts of time on yourself - it’s the harmony, and the discipline and the consistency of focusing on your best self and what’s required to live that way.

In this short episode I discuss the top things holding us back from putting ourselves first and what impact this has in our personal and professional life, and what we can do to make the important changes required.

As discussed in this episode I only have two coaching programs left in 2021!

Ladies, the program for you is called ‘Uplevel: Put yourself first to create breakthroughs in your health, wealth & relationships’

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Gents, the program for you is called “The Breakthrough Program”

It’s designed for busy male business owners, leaders and managers who want to smash their business, career and personal goals without the stress and burnout.

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I believe the world needs great role models now more than ever.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"