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Exploring Operational Excellence with Sarah Tilkens
Episode 117th May 2024 • Make Business Personal • Kiley Peters
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In this episode of Make Business Personal, Sarah Tilkens, CEO and founder of the KPI Lab, discusses the importance of operational excellence in businesses. She highlights the need for problem-solving techniques and lean tools to run operations effectively and without waste. She also encourages entrepreneurs to invest in themselves as problem solvers and seek support when needed.

  • The range of operational excellence content you covered in The Accelerator program 0:59
  • The top three things entrepreneurs need to know about operational excellence 2:16
  • One action you want all listeners to take right now in their entrepreneurial journey 8:47
  • One bonus business tip about succeeding in entrepreneurship 12:04


  • “One of the greatest things that you can do for yourself when you're solving a problem is asking for help.” 3:54
  • “What is a symptom versus what is a cause? So oftentimes when we talk about problem solving, we are at that surface level of trying to solve for a symptom. But what we really need to do is we need to go deeper to understand what is at the root of this problem.” 5:10
  • “Instead of anticipating all of the obstacles in front of you, you're really just asking, what do I know right now? Like, what is my current state? What is my next target condition? And what does it take for me to move one step forward?” 10:41

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