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Let go of excuses and become wildly successful - Interview with Lenka Lutonska
Episode 1012th May 2020 • Beyond the Hustle | The Happy, Wealthy and Free Entrepreneur • Lydia Sophia Wilmsen
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In this episode I'll interview Limitless Millionaire Mentor Lenka Lutonska on the topic of energetic selling, intuitive business growth strategies and how to create an epic lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones, coming as an aupair from a so called poor country without having funds and connections.

- We talk about how to turn failure into success, energetic principles of business growth and how your outer circumstances are a mirror for you ;)

- We dive into money consciousness as a spiritual entrepreneur.

- And after many more amazing topics, Lenka gives one final important piece of advice to anyone starting out or going to the next level.

The two books we talked about in the interview are:

Wallace D. Wattles: The Science of Getting Rich

Click here:

Lenka Lutonska: Energetic Selling and Marketing: A New Way to Create Extraordinary Growth in your Business

Click here:

You can connect with Lenka on Facebook and through her website

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