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MicroFamous - Matt Johnson 15th October 2020
What Thought Leaders Can Learn From History’s Greatest General
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What Thought Leaders Can Learn From History’s Greatest General

A thought leader is someone who has the drive to teach, train and lead with ideas and concepts that change the way people think and act so that they can get better results. What sets thought leaders apart and allows them to have simple profitable businesses is their Clear and Compelling Idea. 

But in the early stages of building a thought leadership business, not all us have uncovered that positively polarizing, razor-sharp idea. That doesn’t mean we can’t get out there and start getting featured. In fact, the clarity and breakthroughs that uncover our Clear and Compelling Idea take place when we’re out sharing our point of view with the world. It’s tempting to retreat into our own internal thought process to identify and refine our message, but being a hermit genius actually holds us back.

How does external feedback actually help us arrive at our Clear and Compelling Idea? What can we talk about when we don’t have that Idea yet? What can Napoleon’s military strategy teach us about freedom of movement and why it’s a big advantage for thought leaders? 

In this episode, I share what we can do while we’re in the process of finding our Clear and Compelling Idea, and why we shouldn’t do the process of refining our message internally.