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FInal Four
Episode 1525th March 2020 • Biggest Loser Fancast • Dave Jackson
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This was my favorite show of the season.

Before and After Videos

The contestants watch videos from when they first arrived. This was so powerful. Coach Jim has lost a ton of weight (they all have). Micah said he hated the guy (his fat version) in the video. It was moving

Coach Steve

Steve said something powerful. Don't try to be perfect as nobody is perfect. Don't think "I'll be happy if I can get to (target weight) as many times you get there and there is a new goal. Enjoy the journey and be proud of yourself.

Be Selfish

Bob had a great bonus clip where he mentioned to take care of yourself and "be selfish." Micah has stated he will join AA when he gets home. This is an amazing step.

Redoing the Mile Run

Everyone does the original challenge.

Micah went from 14 minutes to 9 minutes (35.46% reduction)

Kyle went from 16 minutes to 11 minutes (30.17% reduction)

Coach Jim went from 20 minutes to 12 minutes (36.79% reduction)

Next to Final Weigh In

Coach Jim was again on top of the board followed by Micah and Kyle which meant Terri was going home. She did an amazing job pushing through her injury. Be sure to watch the end of the show she looks amazing.

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