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"Elevating Your Real Estate Game: Scott Sillari Shares How To Use Business Intelligence To Grow Your Business"
Episode 12814th May 2024 • Real Estate Marketing Implementation Podcast (The REmarketing Podcast) • Jerome Lewis
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Welcome to The Real Estate Marketing Implementation Podcast hosted by Jerome Lewis. In this episode, Jerome welcomes Scott Sillari, a seasoned expert with over 13 years of experience in the real estate industry.

Scott's diverse background includes roles as a Loan Processor at a Mortgage Brokerage, Certified Home Appraiser, and Sales and Business Development specialist for Vyral Marketing. Additionally, he holds a license as a Real Estate Agent, allowing him to bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Throughout his career, Scott has established himself as a recognized speaker and influencer within the real estate space. Join us as we delve into Scott's insights on leveraging business intelligence techniques to drive success in real estate, along with the power of video communication in today's digital landscape.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in the industry, this episode offers valuable tips and strategies to elevate your real estate game. Tune in now and discover how to maximize your profits and enhance your communication skills with Scott Sillari.

This video features Jerome Lewis hosting Scott Sillari, a real estate business intelligence expert, to discuss strategies and tools for improving real estate business operations and leveraging technology for better outcomes.


Jerome Lewis and Scott Sillari discuss how business intelligence can significantly enhance real estate operations. Scott shares his insights on the importance of using technology to streamline processes, track data, and make informed decisions to boost lead generation and sales.

Key points

🎯 Real Estate Journey: Scott shares his background, highlighting his experience in mortgage processing, home appraising, and real estate consulting.

📊 Business Intelligence: Emphasizes the importance of gathering and analyzing data to make informed business decisions.

🔧 APIs and Integration: Discusses the role of APIs in connecting various real estate systems to improve data flow and efficiency.

📈 Lead Conversion: Highlights how understanding lead sources and conversion rates can help allocate resources more effectively.

📉 Real Estate Technology Lag: Points out the real estate industry's lag in adopting advanced technology compared to other sectors.

🔍 CRM Utilization: Stresses the importance of using a CRM system to manage contacts, automate follow-ups, and streamline operations.

💬 Video Marketing: Encourages the use of video content for branding and staying top-of-mind with potential clients.

🌐 Social Media Integration: Talks about tracking and optimizing lead sources from social media platforms.

🤝 Networking and Interviews: Suggests interviewing local business owners and experts to create valuable content and expand reach.

💡 Tool Recommendations: Recommends starting with a CRM like Follow Up Boss for its ease of use and affordability.


  1. Introduction: Jerome introduces the podcast and Scott Sillari, detailing his extensive background in real estate and business intelligence.
  2. Real Estate Background: Scott shares his journey from mortgage processing to real estate consulting and founding Realync.
  3. Technology Lag in Real Estate: Discusses how the real estate industry is behind in technology adoption compared to other sectors.
  4. APIs and Integration: Explains the importance of APIs for integrating various real estate systems and improving data management.
  5. Business Intelligence: Introduces the concept of business intelligence and its significance in making data-driven decisions.
  6. CRM Importance: Highlights the necessity of using a CRM to manage contacts and automate processes.
  7. Video Marketing: Emphasizes the effectiveness of video marketing in building a brand and engaging with potential clients.
  8. Social Media Integration: Talks about integrating social media lead sources into CRM systems to track and optimize performance.
  9. Networking and Content Creation: Suggests creating interview-style videos with local experts to provide valuable content and expand audience reach.
  10. Tool Recommendations: Recommends Follow Up Boss as a user-friendly and affordable CRM solution for real estate agents.


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