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3 Tricks That Get You Gigs | TSMP #117
Episode 1177th August 2022 • The Gig Hero • The Gig Hero
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Perform These 3 Tricks To Start Booking Gigs Immediately

Welcome to The Gig Hero Podcast!


Each time you perform at a gig, it is an opportunity to book the next gig.


A few easy tweaks to the tricks that are already in your repertoire will help you in bringing people into your world and stay emotionally invested in your work.


In this episode, Ashley shares 3 tricks that he uses to book more gigs. You can start performing these tricks today to increase your social media presence and build rapport with your clients.


Discussed In This Episode:

  • [01:25] Introducing The Gig Hero Podcast
  • [04:05] Find Opportunities To Boost Your Social Media
  • [07:20] Trick #1
  • [12:30] Trick #2
  • [13:50] Trick #3
  • [18:00] Stay In Touch Through Personal Chat
  • [21:05] Explore Ways To Build Rapport

Bonus Resources:

  • Set Up A Chat Bot For Your Trick: ManyChat

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