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Season 4 | Ep 44 | You Have The Time
Episode 4425th February 2022 • Agency Blueprint • Robert Patin
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“I have zero time.” I’ve heard clients say this more times than I can count. And if you can relate to that, then you need to make a choice to manage your time better.

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I explain why you feel like you’re being pulled in different directions. And learn how you can regain complete control of what you do with your time.

If you want to learn the big and small adjustments that you can make to ease yourself out of being too busy, tune in to the podcast.

Key Questions:

● Where are you investing your time? (3:30)

● What is the key to making progress, in both your work and personal life? (6:47)

● What is the primary block that keeps you distracted? (11:09)

What You’ll Discover:

● The wrong mindset to building your dream life and scaling your agency (1:40)

● The Do, Delegate, Discard mentality that’ll overcome your Control Freak or Founder’s Dilemma mentality (5:53)

● How to train your clients to be A-grade clients who’ll respect your time and put value in your work (11:41)