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How Human Design Gates Shield Empaths Against Narcissist Lies
Episode 135th October 2023 • Empath And the Narcissist: Spiritual Healing with Human Design from Narcissistic Abuse & PTSD • Raven Scott
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Empaths, are you tired of falling victim to narcissists and their web of lies?

In this eye-opening episode, we delve deep into the world of Human Design Gates and how they serve as your powerful shield against narcissist manipulation.

Join us as we explore how understanding your unique Human Design Gates empowers you to discern truth from deception. Learn how these cosmic energies can help you spot red flags, set boundaries, and safeguard your empathic heart.

Don't miss this enlightening conversation that will forever change the way you navigate relationships and protect your empathic nature. Tune in now and discover your path to resilience and self-empowerment.

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What are Human Design Gates and How Can they Guard you against the Narcissist



welcome to the Empath Rising podcast, where we are healing from narcissistic abuse, with human design, taro, and astrology.

I'm your host, Raven, Scott.

Make sure to share this podcast with a friend. Spread the love spread the light. And subscribe./ Welcome back dear empaths, I was just taking a look at the chart for this transit and realized that this is a point of confusion. And when I first , found out about human design and saw my chart, I was overwhelmed. And so my goal today is for you not to feel overwhelmed, that's possible, and to share with you about all of the numbers, i.

e. we call them gates. And what are the gates and why are they so important to know eventually as you start to master understanding your unique human design type and your inner authority. So let's dive into the gates today.

So let me just share with you an image of the current transits, uh, chart today. So we have, I'm calling it flying into a new chapter because as I'm listening to one of my favorite astrology podcasts. As she was talking about how there's this kind of like a Healy shape and a whole bunch of the planets that are creating this propeller type shape.

And we're really flying into the next chapter of our lives, the next chapter of what's happening. And so between October 3rd and 8th, we have this sun in gate 48, which is right here. And I'm going to kind of break down what exactly a gate is, because I'm talking about. The transits, it's a lot , more now.

And I want you to understand what they mean. What do you mean that the gate is in, the sun is in gate 48 right now? What does that even mean? And how does that apply to me? Right? So if you don't understand, then you don't care. And then you can't really harness the power of how it can apply to you. Today, we have the type.

This chart here is generator profile one, three, triple split definition. The inner authority is emotional. And of course, as a generator, the strategy is to wait to respond and the not self theme always for the generator is frustration. So if you're not waiting to respond and following the breadcrumbs, then you're frustrated.

So when you're frustrated, take that as a sign and symbol that you need to pause and return back to your strategy. The incarnation cross for this week is the right angle cross of tension. And all that I cover in depth in our exclusive membership of the human design gates. But right now, I wanted to just show you the chart so you can take a look at all these numbers on the side.

These are all the numbers on the right and left. If you have your chart in front of you, take a look if you're listening. , if you'd like to see a picture, head on over to the blog. , and if you don't have your chart, grab that at Ravenscott. show. What's happening here , in the chart is you have a list of numbers.

That list, if you correlate them over into all the centers on the chart of the human body graph, every number, which is a gate, relates to that list. So everything that's circled is here on the list somewhere. And everything that's on the list is here circled and highlighted, which we also call defined.

In your human design, if it is not circled on your chart, it is not going to be listed on the left or right. Okay. So I just want to clarify that. So that gets really overwhelming when people see this, there's a whole bunch of numbers and yeah, what does it mean? Every number is now next to a planet. Just like your astrology chart, you have a planet inside a certain Zodiac, little section of the pie in your chart.

It's the same here, you have a gate that is in that zodiac, , and it's correlated to your sun. So today, the sun, see the top right, the sun, this is a symbol of sun, the circle with a dot in the middle, is in gate 48 because it's listed right next to it. The point one, the second number is. Like the decimal part is correlated to the profile line, which is the I Ching line.

So you have line one on the top of the I Ching lines, line two, three, four, five, and six. So there's even more in depth elements to that, which I will cover in a future episode. So there you have What it looks like, you can also see that this next symbol, which is not normally put on an astrology chart is the earth, the circle with the cross inside.

That's the earth. That is all about the grounding energy. So the sun is the highlighting energy. What is really being shown up in your life right now? What is being highlighted? So if you have gate 48 in your chart, which is over here in the spleen. Then you're going to feel something really intense, that trait, that energy that you have already is going to be amplified.

It's going to be feeling a bit intense right now. And if you don't have gate 48 highlighted, , then you're actually going to feel it like it for people who have it defined. So we all get to put ourselves in each other's shoes as each of these gates transit around.

Through the sun and of course, then gate 16 below on this list is next to the moon. So, this is all about emotions and feelings. This gate is going to correlate to how you're feeling. So on and so forth. So there's a few that I'm going to highlight in the exclusive episode. The sun, earth, moon, south node, and mercury, five planets, I'm going to be going through those gates.

Those are really important. And that you can grab in the link in the show notes to join the free trial to take a look and listen to the human design gate transits for this week. So back to simplifying the topic at hand, human design gate, what are they? Okay. I've already explained to you that they're numbers, but then now has it applied to you and how does it apply?

So let's get a little bit deeper, a little bit more technical so that I can try and simplify and explain this to you because it's really powerful stuff and it will help you with your anxiety. It will help you with your fears. It will help you with problem solving and relationships and dealing with toxic people in your life.

It is a substantially important self development tool that I really think is Not harness as much as it could be. , the human design gates are a fundamental concept within the human design system. You can see they are all over the place and they're really important. Human design is a mystical, esoteric framework that also does incorporate the science of neutrinos.

In human design, the term quote unquote gate. refers to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, which are represented in the human design charts as numbered gates, as I just showed you in the chart, each corresponding to a specific aspect of a human experience and a bit of energy of personality. Now, the other thing I love to research that I include in the exclusive episode is all about the gene key of it.

So we go into, if you're not familiar with the gene keys, it takes all of these gates and hexagrams. And goes further into exploring the shadow side, right, of this, the unconscious kind of shadow, negative part of our personalities and how it can evolve from that shadow side into he calls it a gift, right?

You get a gift. That's kind of the middle. And then the enlightened state he calls the siddhi S I D D H I. So we have three different. Themes that one particular gate can take on depending on where this person and their energy is in their consciousness, in their spiritual journey, and their enlightened state.

Or if they're completely unconscious and they're acting out of the shadow. So that's a really cool aspect to it as well that, , is really important to take a look at because we're dealing sometimes, especially as empaths who are dealing with narcissists in our lives. Sometimes we are operating in our shadow with them because that's what they do, they pull us down so low.

So how do we find the gift and how do we enlighten up and evolve as our own soul self through each of these gates that we have? And then the opportunity of the transit helps us do it when we even don't have a gate highlighted. , genetically, these gates are all connected to the 64 codons in our genetic code, that's a lot more about the gene key of how we came up with that, and are believed to influence various aspects of our lives, just like I said, of the evolution of our emotional intelligence.

So when you look at the human design chart, as I just showed you, you will see the human little figure, body graph, we call it. The mandala is the actual circle with all of the gates surrounding this body graph.

And they are lumped together in their zodiac sign, so they're not in number order like a clock, they're random orders, but it's not random because they're clumped together for their zodiac sign. So, if that gives any more clarity and I hope a light bulb went off in your mind when you were listening. These gates, , are further divided into channels.

, just giving us more specific information. So you see a number and you see a white like tube connected to another center, to another number. That's called a channel. If it's white, it's undefined. If it's colored in and connected, then it is a big key part of your personality. And a channel is like combining the two gates and creating another like fusion of energy.

So in this particular chart, you can see gate 48 is connected to the 16. So it's a 48, 16 channel. Gate 61 is connected to 24, that's a 61 24 channel, and 39 55 channel, and each channel has its own name as well, which I dive into in the exclusive episode, you can try that out for free, see if you love it, see if it's all of the juicy details you want to know.

So then, we have each gate in a center, and it really is representing different Energy, different personality traits and life paths of how we are to focus our energy on growing and evolving as a soul. The gates are typically labeled with numbers on the chart. They have names, but there's too many words and that would be really cluttered to put up on the chart.

So it's just numbers and you can research the name I am finishing up proofing my book called Narcissist Proofing Your Soul with Human Design, and it will have a description of each gate in that book. , I will publish that in November.

That's my goal. I'm almost there. So, yes, they are labeled, , by the numbers. So we have gate 1 all the way up through gate 64. So the way that gates affect your energy when they transit the mandala, like currently the sun is in Libra, which is also in gate 48 right now in the mandala. A human mandala, a human design mandala wheel. If you're listening to the podcast, I will put a screenshot of this up on the podcast page linked here in the show notes. , and for you who are watching here on YouTube here, you can see this is a human design mandala. So we have the astrology signs in the inner ring. You can see here, let's say Sagittarius.

I'm pointing out here above the head center to the right. So within the Sagittarius zodiac section in the inner ring. Then we have all the gates that are within Sagittarius, 11, 26, 5, 9, and 34, clumped together here on the wheel. And then the outer is all of the I Ching line formations. So 11 has this I Ching that kind of makes a U shape.

So each line, line 1, line 2, line 3, 4, 5, have a different little configuration, making little different shapes that symbolize You know, mountain over water, mountain over air, fire over wood, things like that. So that's what the I Ching is on the outer ring all the way around. So it's pretty cool.

So when a gate is activated by the transiting planets or is highlighted in your chart, because when you're born, it is activated by that planet. Therefore, that is why. It is highlighted in your chart. It can have an impact on your energy, your mood, your behavior. This is what makes each and every one of us unique, this unique combination of all these different gates highlighted at different times.

And even if you are a twin, each chart, you express these different traits differently. It's quite fascinating. Some gates may bring heightened creativity, motivation, or emotional sensitivity, while others might lead to challenges or resistance in certain areas of your life. The specific influence of a transiting gate can vary depending on your individual human design chart, when you were born, and the gates that are defined or undefined in it.

And to really understand the effects of the transiting gates on your energy, it's really essential to have. Your detailed human design chart in front of you and read by someone who is well knowledged about human design, like myself. And it's also important to note that human design is considered a pseudo science by mainstream science.

And it claims about the influence of gates, channels, and centers on a human life are not really supported by empirical evidence. However, some people like myself, we find value in human design as a tool for self reflection, for personal growth, and for myself, understanding how to parent my child, which is my next book I want to write.

I just need to finish this core human design book first. So why are your gates defined in your chart? Why are they so important to know? I think it's really important to know because they are your strengths. They are your talents. They are the clues and the breadcrumbs to know, where should I invest my energy?

Cause this life, there's too many options. There's so many things going on. There's so many people telling you what to do, but what is your true path? What is something that's. Innately you, that you can find stability in, and that you just are you. So let's just dive into the details of if you have a number circled in your chart, that's called a defined gate.

And let's define that just even further to make sure I haven't lost you and you're thoroughly understand. So a defined gate is that circled in number in. Each of your centers, it's also listed on the right and the left. The right is the conscious gate, the gate that transited and it occurred the moment of your birth, that's in the black and in the red, those are your subconscious gates that occurred 88 days before your birth.

So this defined gate are areas in your chart that are consistent. They're reliable. They're aspects you'll always express. that you have in your personality and your energy. These gates are part of your inherent nature and contribute to your core characteristics.

So, it's important to understand your core characteristics because a narcissist is brainwashing you into thinking your superpowers, your strengths, and your core characteristics are wrong, are not yours, are non existent. And then they just highlight all of your fears and your insecurities. So, that's more like, , what's happening in your spleen center or your solar plexus center.

They're overriding all of your will center gates because it's their will and their agenda to have you on board with whatever they want, not what's good for you. So, I think this is the power of understanding your gates. It's to fight and dispel all the lies. It's the armor for you to guard yourself against all the lies of anyone out there.

Any new coach trying to sell you something or any new partner who's trying to tell you how to do something their way. A lot of people view life through their own lens and don't realize that everyone else has a unique way of doing something and just. They just need maybe guidance. They don't need a how to do it exactly like me because we're all different.

And I think narcissists in general are so self focused, they think their way is the best way, so they're always pushing that agenda on us. So understanding your gates, your traits, your strengths, and your talents. It is the way, it is the way to fight the narcissist. It is the way against that. So your defined gates often indicate areas of where you have that natural talent or proficiency.

If you just have this innate intuition and you know, because you know, and you don't have scientific proof and your narcissist wants you to scientifically prove it. Then they're always going to put doubt in your head of your intuition, but it's okay. Sometimes the wisdom behind knowing without not knowing how you know, that is actually part of gate 48 is this deep wisdom of there's so much more complexity of the world that wisdom is not knowledge.

Wisdom is knowing, but not knowledge. So you see, it's very powerful to be able to. Fight against the narcissist's lies and immature ideas is a good way of putting that. So consistent patterns is another good one. And this is hard because you may have a defined consistent pattern.

You meet a certain very strong willed person, a toxic person, you grew up with someone. And so they kind of, they condition these specific patterns out of you. And so once you find your freedom and you start to understand who you are, you're like, but no, this is me. And just like the gene key shows us that there is a shadow within each gate, there's a gift of learning.

And then that enlightened state, that's where we can then grow, say, okay, this is a consistent shadow state in me. I can embrace that. And then I can find the gift and I can evolve out of it. But if you don't know it and you're always being told that that's not you, or you're so dumb, or all the things, right, like you don't know what you're talking about, then you give up on even trying to evolve and grow into, out of the shadow and into that gift and that enlightened state of your consistent personality traits or patterns.

And it does give you this sense of grounding in your life when you know your gates. Because you're like, well, this is me, this is my talent. This is my path to enlightenment and it helps you navigate life more effectively and dispel the lies of the narcissist. So if you have, which we all do, we have gates that are undefined because there's 64 and there's not 64 planets.

So, the undefined gates are the areas in your chart that are white or undefined. They're not circled in. They're not listed on the left or right. So, these gates represent aspects of your personality and energy that are more flexible and susceptible to outside influence. I always... Like in, it being like a, the white centers and the undefined gates are like a receiver of a radio, and the defined are the outputting of the music of the radio.

You can turn the volume up, you can turn the volume down, you have control of how much you feel. You can turn the volume up and you can turn the volume down. So this is, this is the way of. When you're feeling these feelings, uh, amplifying with someone near you. So, or close to you, or like I said, when there are things, the planets are currently transiting the Mandela right now.

So you could be feeling this character trait of gate 48 of wisdom and have this gift of wisdom, even though you don't have it defined in your chart as it appears in the sky.

When you have a gait that is undefined, then it makes you more sensitive to that energy and sensitive to others. So undefined gaits usually are areas where you are more sensitive and open to the energies and influences of others. But this can help you understand why you may adopt certain behaviors or characteristics in the presence of a specific people, because their energy is overriding yours and, or you're amplifying theirs, because that is the, the nature of the undefined.

So it's, it's really about learning of discernment. It provides you opportunities for learning and growth. In your life, , and they allow you to adapt and experiment with different energies and traits, which can be fun, right? You can experience a varied ways of living very various ways of viewpoints in life.

And then you can exit that conversation and be like, yeah, that's not really the way I want to go, but that was interesting, right? So if you take it in that realm versus like, oh my gosh, this person made me do this. then it's just a potential for opportunities of learning. And when you know you have undefined gates and or even centers, right, the centers that are white, you, it can enhance your understanding of how you interact with others.

And an understanding of them because you're amplifying a bit of their energy. It can shed light on areas where you may be prone to conditioning or taking on characteristics of those around you. And this is why I always preach the empath aura shield so that you can protect your undefined gates, your undefined centers.

against those who are toxic and just pull you down and always force you into doing something you don't want to do or guilting you into doing it. It helps you shield. And remember, you can always say, no, you can always say not now. No, thank you. Not for me. You don't need to feel. And that pressure is also you internally amplifying the, like their energy.

So when you guard it. You have more detachment from that amplification energy, and you become more of an observer versus like getting sucked into the riptide. So really understanding whether your gates are defined or undefined in your human design chart. is important because it provides you insights into your traits that you have inherently within you and your tendencies and personalities, as well as areas where you may be more open to external influences.

This is so crucial to really become aware, number one, of these. external influences, especially with a self centered control freak narcissist. And then you start to develop tools, like I said, to guard yourself against the energy and then use tactile verbal boundaries in order to not be externally conditioned and influenced by them.

But step number one, if you're not aware, then you don't have the tools. So awareness is key. It really is valuable information that is not really tapped into a lot in this healing journey of, from narcissistic abuse, because it's a tool of self awareness, it's a tool for your personal growth, it's a tool to dispel their lies, and improve your, I guess, awareness in how you relate and interact with other people, and the more you observe that you relate to this certain person in such a unhealthy way, you're always, you know, getting influenced and conditioned by them, then you're like, Oh, no more, I'm not going to do it.

And then you'll take the appropriate steps that you need to do to make sure that you aren't influenced by such a toxic person anymore in your life. Human design is a tool for self reflection, it is a tool for personal growth and spiritual growth and I absolutely love it. So gate 48, like I mentioned before, known as the well, is a fascinating gate and aspect of the human design chart.

Uh, it represents a deep well of wisdom, intuition, and transformation waiting to be tapped into. And when Gate 48 is activated, as it is right now, this week, the 3rd through the 8th, and , is transiting the planets, it can lead to profound insights, a heightened sense of purpose. And a powerful surge of creativity.

So join my free trial of each Gates transits to discover how the energy of gate 48 and four other gates can inspire you to draw from your inner reservoir of wisdom and guide you toward transformative experiences in your life. Free from the narcissist, unlock the potential of this gate and explore the depths of your own intuition today.

Start your free trial for this exclusive podcast series. You will get directly link to your email and it will be directly linked to your podcast feed wherever you do. So it's really easy to listen. It will become like a separate show feed as an exclusive content. Then the link is in the show notes.

thank you for joining me on this enlightening episode of the empath rising podcast, where we explored the incredible power of healing with human design. To continue your journey towards self discovery and healing, don't forget to grab your free human design chart. It's a personalized roadmap to understanding your unique energy blueprint at Ravenscott.

show. For even deeper insights into your empathic nature and relationships, be sure to listen to The Empath and the Narcissist book on Audible, a profound exploration of my story. Personal firsthand experience of empathic healing. And here's an exclusive offer just for you, our empath community. You can now get your personalized human design chart reading by me for only 50. after you received your free human design chart? You can start to listen to the exclusive content on the tier, how to read my human design chart. And if you'd love to dive into the transits and understand further of how the transits affect you then dive into the human design gate transit exclusive podcast tier as a member.

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inspiration, and empowerment,[:

until next time, keep your unique light shining.